News - 23/06/2016
FrightFest Presents July & August Horror DVD ReleasesIncluding British horror titles THE LESSON and THE FORGOTTEN.
News - 23/06/2016
THE HATTON GARDEN JOB Production UnderwayTHE HATTON GARDEN JOB will be released late 2016 courtesy of Signature Entertainment
Review - 23/06/2016
Trailer - 23/06/2016
Trailer ReleasedA new trailer for ADULT LIFE SKILLS has been released
News - 23/06/2016
Teaser Trailer For Dark Indie Thriller LOST IN THE SHADOWS ReleasedLOST IN THE SHADOWS is currently in post-production and will be entering the festival circuit.
Podcast - 23/06/2016
Podcast: Britflicks Talks With NATIVE Director Daniel Fitzsimmons Ahead Of EEFF Premiere
Review - 22/06/2016
New Review of KILL COMMAND
Blog - 22/06/2016
East End Film Festival Review - CHASING ROBERT BARKER
Review - 22/06/2016
New Review of REMAINDER
Trailer - 18/06/2016
Trailer ReleasedA new trailer for BrOTHERHOOD has been released
News - 17/06/2016
THE MERCY First Look Images Of Colin Firth as Donald CrowhurstTHE MERCY will be opening in UK Cinemas in 2017.
Trailer - 17/06/2016
Trailer ReleasedA new trailer for REMAINDER has been released
Podcast - 15/06/2016
Podcast: Britflicks Talks Virtual Reality With Eric Darnell Co-Creator Of 'Madagascar'
Blog - 15/06/2016
I, DANIEL BLAKE Directed By Ken Loach - Review & Film Trailer
Review - 15/06/2016
Review - 14/06/2016
New Review of TALE OF TALES
Blog - 14/06/2016
Latex Fleas, Parenting And Sherlock TOBY JONES Talks To Britflicks' Freda Cooper
Trailer - 14/06/2016
Trailer ReleasedA new trailer for TALE OF TALES has been released
News - 13/06/2016
Urban Crime THE INTENT Images & Trailer - Starring Scorcher, Dylan Duffus, Fekky and Krept & KonanTHE INTENT is released in UK Cinemas, VOD and DVD July 29 2016.
News - 13/06/2016
BACHELOR GAMES - 'The Hangover' Meets 'The Hills Have Eyes'BACHELOR GAMES is on VOD July 8 2016‏.