25 Best British Crime and Gangster Films
Last updated at Fri, 27 Mar 2015

25 Best British Films of the Crime and Gangster genre....and one so Bad it's Brilliant.

Compiling a list of Best British Films whatever the genre is not a perfect science, ranking them in preference order even less so.

If you’re thinking why the hell did I include that or why the hell I haven’t included that? Then leave your comments at the bottom of the page and tell us about your best British gangster films! If you have produced a British Gangster Film that you would like Britflicks to feature then send an email to contacts@britflicks.com and we'll do our best to feature it.

From the list two acting performances really stick in my mind, Ben Kingsley’s psychotic performance as Don Logan in ‘Sexy Beast’ and Bob Hoskin’s portrayal of Gangland Boss Harold Shand in ‘The Long Good Friday’

Funnily enough I kept avoiding watching ‘Sexy Best’ as I didn't believe that the guy who played ‘Ghandi’ could play a Cockney gangster, how wrong was I?!


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Briish film The Rise of the Foot soldier 25) Rise of the Footsoldier (2007) dr. Julian Gilbey


Rise of the footsoldier

Gangster film The Krays 24) The Krays (1990) dr. Peter Medak 

the krays

Crime film Down Terrace 23) Down Terrace (2009) dr. Ben Wheatley

Down Terrace

Best British film London to Brighton 22) London to Brighton (2006) dr. Paul Andrew Williams

From London To Brighton

Best british crime film Piggy 21) Piggy (2012) dr. Kieron Hawkes 


Kidulthood 20) Kidulthood (2006) dr. Menhaj Huda 


Adulthood 19) Adulthood (2008) dr. Noel Clarke 


Best british gangster film Brighton Rock (1947) 18) Brighton Rock (1947) dr. John Boulting 

Brighton Rock

British film McVicar 17) McVicar (1980) dr. Tom Clegg 


Gangster No116) Gangster No1 (2000) dr. Paul McGuigan 

Gangster No 1

Best british film Essex Boys (2000) 15) Essex Boys (2000) dr. Terry Winsor  

Essex Boys

In Bruges, Colin Farrell 14) In Bruges (2008) dr. Martin McDonagh 

In Bruges

The Business 13) The Business (2005) dr. Nick Love 

The Business

Love Honour and Obey  12) Love Honour and Obey (2000) dr. Dominic Anciano 

Love Honer and Obey

The Football Factory 11) The Football Factory (2004) dr. Nick Love 

Football Factory

The Escpaist 10)The Escapist (2008) dr. Rupert Wyatt

The Escapist  

Bronson Film  9) Bronson (2008) dr. Nicolas Winding Refn  


Scum 8) Scum (1979) dr. Alan Clarke  


Snatch (2000) 7) Snatch (2000) dr. Guy Ritchie 


Lock Stock and Two Smokin Barrels 6) Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels (1998) dr. Guy Ritchie

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels  

Layer Cake 5) Layer Cake (2004) dr. Matthew Vaughn  

Gangster film Layer Cake

Get Carter  4)  Get Carter (1971) dr. Mike Hodges 

Gangster Get Carter

The Italian Job 3) The Italian Job (1969) dr. Peter Collinson  

The Italian Job

Sexy Beast  2)  Sexy Beast (2000) dr. Jonathan Glazer  

Sexy Beast

The Long Good friday  1) The Long Good Friday (1980) John Mackenzie 

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And finally there should be a mention for the worst British Gangster Film. A film that's so bad it would have trouble qualifying as a Z Movie let alone a B movie. Let’s set the scene, you come home with your mates after a night on the lash clutching a large fat dripping Donar Kebab with extra chili sauce, you want something to wash it down with so someone slips in a DVD, and there it is in full 1080p ‘Killer Bitch’. A film so bad it’s Brilliant!

Gangster film Killer Bitch  Killer Bitch (2010) dr. Liam Galvin

'WE STILL KILL THE OLD WAY' Starring Steven Berkoff & Ian Ogilvy (If you like to see old school gangsters on a revengeful war-path then check this little beauty out!)


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  • John Monk Nice to see PIGGY in the list, its a great film.
  • Don Oink ... the italian job on 3rd place... better than lock stock and 2 smokin barrels which has an imdb rating of 8.2 o.O
  • Britflicks It’s all a matter of opinions Don Oink whatever IMDB says. 'The Italian Job‘ is a classic that helped inspire Guy Richie to make Lock Stock. Both great films but with all them Mini's ‘The Italian Job’ edges it for us. This is the self preservation society .......
  • Conor In Bruges is an Irish film, not British (and isn't Bronson Australian?). Good list of films though.
  • Britflicks Conor we go by what IMDB say when we classify if a film is British or not and according the them 'In Bruges' is UK/US and Bronson is UK. It can be a grey area though especially when films like 'Gravity' win BAFTA's for best British film. Glad you like the list and thanks for your comments!
  • John Monk The picture for the film "Kidulthood" is actually from the final scene in the film "Adulthood"
  • Britflicks Well spotted John thanks for pointing it out! Its now been corrected.
  • CheapMoviesCollection Buy and download British movies on http://48movie.com/movieByCountry/UK
  • Rickz I did not see Ill Manors on this list? Why not? That's probably one of the best movies I've ever seen and it just so happen to be a British film.
  • Britflicks Good point Rickz and it's one we will be addressing very soon. 'Ill Manors' is a brilliant debut from Ben Drew.
  • Martin The Limey although not British did have a strong Brit gangster style with the excellent Terence Stamp in the lead role.
  • Eden @John Monk, the Kidulthood picture is the scene before the party when Trevor watches his uncle torture a man and he runs & Alisha in an alley with a bottle. Since when was Trevor alive in Adulthood? Nevermind the end of it. Don't comment if you're not sure 'cause it makes you look silly.
  • Gh Man I thought rock n rolls was great but not 25 material
  • Colin My list would include, the Long Good Friday, Get Carter, Layer Cake, Essex Boys and the very disturbing Gangster No1,
  • Mi3ke "formula 51" seems to slip under the radar.
  • Lou Great list! You got the top 3 placed exactly right.
  • Peter Could you make a list with 25 of the worst? There are so many Brit gangster films, I have a hard time trying to find the ones worth watching.
  • Roger Missing 'Harry Brown' in this list. Great movie
  • tracy ill maners top film :)
  • Britflicks We'll bare that in mind Peter.
  • SIMMO A predictable, but fairly good Top %. How many of the others are pale imitations? The Business is laughably bad. That Nick Love-Danny Dyer axis...Love, Honour and Obey was a joke that didn't take off and did the mighty Ray no favours.
  • jkenneth53 I love this whole britflick thing
  • Britflicks Don't like 'Love, Honour and Obey' SIMMO? OK 'The Business' can divide opinion but 'Love, Honour and Obey'is a classic!
  • Zoran Football mafia is a great movie but not in a list!! :(
  • Britflicks 'Football Mafia'? Have you got a link Zoran?
  • pidgeon64 Eastern promises ? Often overlooked imo
  • steamboat thanks for this list.
  • Colin B Some films that should be considered for the Top 25 list. Harry Brown, The Guvnors, Circle of Revenge
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