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The latest Top 10 film trailers on the BritFlicks YouTube Channel 2021.

April 2021 saw a total of 1,073,298 views on the BritFlicks YouTube Channel, and finally we have a brand new No1. Yes, Simon Cox's  INVASION PLANET EARTH, which has accumulated 1,535,496 views, has been replaced by Savvas D. Michael's ORIGINAL GANGSTER. Savvas also has another film in the Top 10, RIGHTEOUS VILLAINS. 

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Directed  by James Crow

Genre: British Gangster Film

April 2021 Views: 15,591

Total Trailer Views: 37,618

Synopsis: When underworld kingpin John Morgan (Billy Murray) returns to London with his wife Sadie (Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott) from their perfect life abroad, a feud is reignited with vengeful cop Frank Conway (Nick Moran) who is obsessed with bringing him down. Meanwhile, pressure from big boss Damien Osbourne (Bruce Payne) only adds unnecessary heat to the rising tension within the family busines, with Morgan’s brother Richard (Frank Harper) and nephew Eddie (Danny Bear) constantly at each other’s throats. John aims to bring the Morgan gang together at a party in his plush apartment where they are set to meet his daughter Kate’s (Ambra Moore) new girlfriend Zoe (Lucy Aarden) – but all is not what it seems and as the night progresses a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues ending in revenge and murder, as the family are trapped in their own home by a gang of heavily armed intruders.

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Frank Harper & Billy Murray in British gangster films Nenesi


Directed By   Benjamin Rocher

Genre: Crime

April 2021 Views: 16,895

Total Views: 63,800

Synopsis: Supernatural thriller/horror PLAYHOUSE is the chilling story of a horror playwright reaping the consequences of his irreverent actions. Jack Travis is a horror playwright notorious for scaring audiences. But as he obsesses over creating a new show in a haunted Scottish castle, disturbances from deep within the walls begin to prey on his troubled daughter. Alarmed by the dark forces unleashed around him, Jack begins to realise the danger of unearthing an historic curse. But has he already damned himself and those he loves forever?


the sweeney paris starring Jean Reno


Directed By Chee Keong Cheung

Genre: Zombie Action Movie

April 2021 Views: 19,425

Total Views: 1,762,108

Synopsis: After a zombie apocalypse spreads from a London prison, the UK is brought to its knees. The spread of the virus is temporarily contained but, without a cure, it’s only a matter of time before it breaks its boundaries and the biggest problem of all… any zombies with combat skills are now enhanced.

With the South East of England quarantined from the rest of the world using fortified borders, intelligence finds that the scientist responsible for the outbreak is alive and well in London. With his recovery being the only hope of a cure, a squad of eight Special Forces soldiers is sent on a suicide mission to the city, now ruled by the undead, with a single task: get him out alive within 72 hours by any means necessary. What emerges is an unlikely pairing on a course to save humanity against ever-rising odds.

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REDCON-1 Directed By Chee Keong Cheung


Directed by Chris Bell

Genre: Horror

April 2021 Views: 19,714

Total Trailer Views: 64,407

Synopsis: THE HEIRESS is a female-driven story, blending the occult with contemporary familial issues. Starring Candis Hergaard as Claire and Jayne Wisener as Anna, cousins who share a mysterious connection to a dark family secret. Following the death of Clare’s grandmother, ancient spirits are unleashed and the women must do battle with ‘Lilith’, a malevolent female spirit who has returned to claim possession of Anna’s unborn child.

 THE HEIRESS is available now on major Digital Platforms. 

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THE HEIRESS: British horror directed by Chris Bell


Directed By Dan Moss

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Thriller

April 2021 Views: 19,714

Total Trailer Views: 21,368

Synopsis: Synopsis: American smuggler Hugo travels to Africa to find the source of Bulu, a mysterious narcotic with prophetic powers. In Uganda, two sisters offer to help him, each competing for his money. As they journey deeper into the forest, their uneasy alliance comes apart with horrifying consequences.

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MPERIAL BLUE Official Trailer (2020) Ugandan-British Fantasy Thriller


Directed By Scott Jeffrey & Rebecca Matthews

Genre: Adult Drama

April 2021 Views: 22,071

Total Views: 127,649

Outline: Three young women, sexually frustrated during the coronavirus lockdown, take to the internet to explore and re-awaken their desires.

CAM GIRLS is available now on iTunes and Skystore.

CAM GIRLS trailer - adult drama


Directed by Savvas D. Michael

Genre: Crime, Thriller

April 2021 Views: 22,506

Total Trailer Views: 81,640 

Outline: A modern-day tale of good vs evil, secret societies, sorcery and Satan.


RIGHTEOUS VILLAINS Directed by Savvas D. Michael and starring Adam Deacon


Directed By Patricio Valladares

Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror

April 2021 Views: 27,596

Total Trailer Views: 31,861

Outline: From FrightFest’s favourite Chilean, Patricio Valladares, director of NIGHTWORLD and HIDDEN IN THE WOODS, a deliriously twisted tale of alien insemination, cannibalism, and true love. Kevin and his girlfriend Evelyn are camping in the woods when she is abducted and impregnated by otherworldly beings. As the entity inside her begins to grow at a rapid rate, Evelyn’s cravings can only be satiated by the taste of human flesh. When she brutally attacks a doctor, they go on the run to the big city where they can find help to remove the embryo that’s slowly taking over Evelyn’s body.

Patricio Valladares' terrifying Embryo, which premiered at Frightest 2020, is avaiable now in the U.S from Uncork'd Entertainment.

Patricio Valladares' terrifying Embryo, which premiered at Frightest 2020, will be released on Digital this April from Uncork'd Entertainment.


Directed By Simon Cox

Genre: Sci-Fi

April 2021 Views: 68,797

Total Trailer Views: 1,535,711

Synopsis: After the death of his young daughter, Tom Dunn is a broken man. When his wife falls pregnant again, he cannot believe their luck. However, his joy is short lived, as on the very same day, the people of Earth become plagued with terrifying visions of the end of the world. 
When a gigantic, all-consuming alien mothership appears in the sky and launches a ruthless attack on Earth’s cities, chaos and destruction follow! 

Tom must find the strength and wisdom to save his wife and unborn child. However, first he must confront a shocking truth. A truth which threatens the key to the survival of the human race. The ultimate war for Planet Earth is about to begin…


Simon Coxs' sci fi  INVASION PLANET EARTH trailer


Directed By Savvas D. Michael

Genre: Gangster Film

April 2021 Views: 379,305

Total Views: 552,507

Outline: ORIGINAL GANGSTER is the stoic chronicles of Castor, orphaned as a child, forced to survive in the wild and his colorful journey through the criminal underworld of London.


British gangster film original ganster direcred by Savvas Micheal

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