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"CANDLESTICK" plunges into a tense drama when a casual evening unravels into a web of accusations. Jack's claim of infidelity against his best friend's wife sets off a chain reaction, uncovering motives more malicious than mere jealousy. Directed by Christopher Presswell and starring Andrew Fitch and Isla Ure, this film navigates the murky waters of trust and deceit. Join us in uncovering the dark intentions hidden beneath surface accusations in this gripping thriller. Watch Free HERE

"SHADOW BOXING" is a gripping boxing drama that charts the journey of high school senior Anne, portrayed by Samm Wiechec, whose life is on the brink due to her drug use. An unexpected reunion with her estranged father, Adam, offers a path to recovery, but as their bond deepens, Anne's haunting secrets threaten to surface. Directed by Ryan Taylor Lopez and co-starring Steve Luna and Jill Remez, this film is a powerful exploration of family, forgiveness, and the battles we fight within. Watch Free HERE

Dive into the depths of the psyche with "UNDER THE CRYSTAL DOME". Thomas Burke's search in a foreboding forest for his son takes a dark turn. A year on, psychiatrist Andrew Owens stumbles upon the case, only to have it challenge the very fabric of his reality. Starring Stewart James Barham, Jack Kristiansen, and Caroline Adams, this film is a gripping expedition into the realms of the mind where nothing is as it seems. Watch Free HERE

Rachel, escaping an abusive relationship, struggles to break free from the emotional chains holding her back. This film delves into the harsh realities of overcoming trauma and the quest for personal freedom. Starring Tyler Hopkins, Joseph Moreland, and Dominic Cancelliere, this thriller captures the raw journey of healing and the power of self-discovery. Watch Free HERE

In 'REAP', a seemingly normal house party turns into a night of survival when a mysterious visitor crashes the event. The guests are thrust into a sinister game, with a prophecy that they're fated to die before dawn, unless they can find others to take their place. Directed by Joe Leone and featuring Alexis Abrams, Angelica Arroliga, and Gregory Barker, this horror film weaves a tale of desperation and dark choices. Will anyone make it through the night? Watch Free HERE

"REVAMPED," a 2012 thriller, invites you into a world where a successful businessman's encounter with a seductive vampire catapults him into the supernatural realm. Featuring iconic performances by Carel Struycken, Martin Kove, Billy Drago, Vernon Wells, and Sam J. Jones, this film dives deep into a battle for survival within the dark underworld. Witness as alliances shift and a war among immortals unfolds, promising no mercy to those caught in the crossfire. Directed by and starring a talented ensemble, "REVAMPED" is a tale of power, betrayal, and the quest for eternal life. Watch Free HERE

Dive into the twisted world of "NEON CACTUS," where Stanley Cooper's move to Texas and his tumultuous marriage with Maureen take a dark turn. Directed by Chris Zuhdi and starring Paul T. Taylor, Manny Greenfield, and Courtney Herbst, this 2023 film intertwines love, loss, and deception against a backdrop of desolation. As both spouses conspire with Johnny Rocket to eliminate the other, the story escalates into a gripping tale of survival. Watch "NEON CACTUS" for a journey filled with unexpected alliances and betrayals. Watch Free HERE

"AWARE OF THE WOLF" brings to screen a chilling narrative where empowerment turns sinister. Terry, a life coach, prides himself on awakening the timid, but his unconventional methods awaken something far more primal in his students. As they discover their inner "wolves," a dark path unfolds. Starring Tony Murphy, Jenn Nobile, Katie Raulerson, and Jeff Clarke Jr., this film teases the thin line between self-discovery and the unleashing of dangerous instincts. An official selection at film festivals, this thriller explores what happens when the predator within is set free. Watch Free HERE

'ACCEPTABLE DAMAGE' is a poignant urban drama about human relationships and societal issues. Elinor Machen-Fortune stars as 'Katy,' a college-age girl with Asperger's Syndrome. Directed by Lavinia Simina and written by Fiona Whitelaw, who also plays Katy's mother, the film explores themes of acceptance and resilience. With Simon Rowling's cinematography and Dragos Teglas' editing, it underscores the power of storytelling. This thought-provoking film highlights urban life's harsh realities and the strength in supportive relationships, emphasizing how upbringing and education shape our resilience. Watch Free HERE

"DEATH METAL" presents an eerie harmony of horror and music as a metal band's new album harbors a sinister secret. The members, engrossed in their art, unknowingly compose a track with dark powers. Anyone who listens falls prey to its curse, leading to a terrifying series of events. Starring Michael Kuciak, Katelynn E. Newberry, Chris Richards, and Kara Joy Reed, this film explores the chilling consequences of a melody that should have never been played. Watch Free HERE

"THE SHADOW OF DEATH" catapults viewers back to the '70s with its grindhouse-style horror. Debra, alongside her friends, ventures into the English woods in search of an herbal escape, only to encounter a killer stalking the area. This slasher comedy, directed by Gav Chuckie Steel and featuring Sophia Disgrace, offers a nostalgic throwback to classic genre conventions, blending humor with heart-pounding suspense. Watch Free HERE

MAY I KILL U?" is a darkly humorous British film directed by BAFTA winner Stuart Urban. Starring Kevin Bishop as Baz, a cycle cop whose life takes a twisted turn after an accident transforms him into a vigilante. Amid London's chaos, Baz offers criminals a grim choice: arrest or death, documenting his grim crusade on social media. As his following grows, so does the danger, leading to an intense confrontation that could end his spree. Watch Free HERE

"SEEDS" weaves a harrowing tale where faith confronts the arcane. A widow clings to her Catholic beliefs while her husband immerses himself in the dark rituals of a New England cultβ€”a cult coveted by the Church for its ancient secrets. As hidden agendas surface, the cult's sinister intentions threaten more than just the grieving family. Directed by Skip Shea, with Emma Mackenzie, Patrick Bracken, and Kip Weeks, this film delves into the chilling intersection of religion, loss, and the occult. Watch Free HERE

"CLEMENTINA (2021)" - A Haunting Recovery | Full Foreign Horror Movie.

In "CLEMENTINA", Juana confronts the ghosts of her past and present. After a violent encounter, she's left alone to recover in a home that seems to come alive with unexplained phenomena. This atmospheric foreign horror, directed by Jimena Monteoliva, blurs the lines between reality and the supernatural. Is her estranged husband lurking in the shadows, or is something far more sinister at play? As Juana seeks the truth, she faces her deepest fears. Watch Free HERE

"MENOPAUSE" takes a darkly comedic look at a cosmic phenomenon gone wrong. As a solar eclipse disrupts the natural order, it triggers an uncontrollable and deadly response in women worldwide. The once-familiar streets become battlegrounds, with some resisting and others succumbing to the chaos within. Watch Free HERE

'SMALL BLUE DISC' delves into the lives of Gus and Ben, two men grappling with the long-lasting effects of an alien abduction that occurred in 1978. Decades later, with Ben battling alcoholism and Gus concealing his extraterrestrial history, they both face the struggle of living with an unresolved past that haunts them. Watch Free HERE

Venture into 'THE MILL', where a group of college friends seek a night of abandoned thrills, only to find themselves trapped in a predator-infested nightmare. Watch Free HERE

"ABADDON'S PIT" unfolds the chilling tale of Dave, tormented by loss and seeking solace at an abandoned family farm. Amidst healing, Dave and his cousin stumble upon a mysterious pit with enigmatic powers, setting them on a quest mired in secrets and madness. As they grapple with the pit's potential to restore lost love, they face opposition from a zealous minister and the town's increasing hostility. Watch Free HERE

"THE DARK ROOM," a small-town photographer delves into a shadowy mystery as a spate of murders unfolds. Developing photos for a local clergyman, he stumbles upon chilling images that hint at a deeper evil. Haunted by a cryptic woman and doubting his own mind, he must piece together a puzzle where each snapshot could be a clue or a dead end. Watch Free HERE

Watch the full movie now and discover if what lies beneath is sanctuary or entrapment. 'ENTOMBED'β€”where survival is only the beginning. Watch Free HERE

It's a race against time and the undead as 'RUNNING FROM THE DEAD', pits the last hopes of humanity against a global zombie apocalypse. Watch Free HERE

Dive into "6 DYNAMIC LAWS FOR SUCCESS," directed by Gregory Bayne and featuring Travis Swartz, Jennifer Lafleur, among others. This film takes you on a hunt for hidden riches through a self-help book's mysterious code, promising a blend of humor and suspense. Watch Full Film Free HERE

Oliver Price, a successful writer, is haunted by a dark past and a sinister childhood encounter. His life takes a precarious turn when he meets Laura, a mysterious woman connected to his deceased brother. As Oliver and Laura's relationship intensifies, they are consumed by an otherworldly obsession that threatens to engulf them. Watch Full Film Free HERE

"MNEMOPHRENIA" delves into a future where technology intertwines with human memory, giving rise to a new form of psychosis. Through three generations of a family, director Eirini Konstantinidou explores the societal impact, shifting from fear to acceptance, and ultimately harnessing it for evolutionary advancement. Watch Full Film Free HERE

Watch "DERELICT" now, a gripping tale set against the backdrop of Los Angeles where a mysterious figure roams the streets, stealing human souls. Directed by Marcos Soriano and starring Malik Stalbert, Anna Lamadrid, and John Malone, this 2019 thriller delves deep into the supernatural as investigators race to uncover the truth behind the eerie killings. Watch Full Film Free HERE

"JACK BE NIMBLE" brings a unique story of tabletop gamers in a nursing facility, blending age with imagination and the thrill of an adventure that might just be too real. Watch Full Film Free HERE

ALIENS VS. BIGFOOT" delves into the intriguing worlds of Cryptozoology and Ufology, spotlighting the passionate communities dedicated to Bigfoot and Alien research. Watch Full Film Free HERE

"PANDORICA" is Tom Paton's exploration of survival and leadership in a post-apocalyptic world. Watch Full Film Free HERE

Dive into "GUNN," a prohibition-era drama with a twist, where the world of gangster Gunn, played by Andrew Stecker, unravels as he realizes his life is a staged play. Watch Full Film Free HERE

Dive into the chilling depths of England's history with "SIDEWORLD: DAMNATION VILLAGE." Directed by George Popov, this documentary horror film explores the eerie secrets of the nation's most haunted villages. Watch Full Film Free HERE

"MNEMOPHRENIA" delves into a future where technology intertwines with human memory, giving rise to a new form of psychosis. Through three generations of a family, director Eirini Konstantinidou explores the societal impact, shifting from fear to acceptance, and ultimately harnessing it for evolutionary advancement. Watch Full Film Free HERE

In "ZOMBIE LOVER," a harrowing fight for survival ensues when Dillon Slater, entangled with his ex amidst a resurging love affair, faces off against undead horrors. Set against the backdrop of a virus that revives the dead into Nazi zombies, this film is a gritty blend of horror and action. Watch Full Film Free HERE

'TODD' uncovers the life of a man perpetually on the fringes. Mocked from childhood and spiraling into anger and isolation as an adult, Todd's story is one of raw human emotion and a descent into the depths of the psyche. Watch Full Film Free HERE

Dive into the dark world of 'MASTER PIECES', a 2020 horror film that harks back to the slasher genre with a twist. An artist's spiral into madness leads to a series of chilling events and a trail of blood that even the most peculiar of collection agencies can't ignore. A new wife's struggle and eerie disturbances at home add layers to this macabre tapestry. Watch Full Film Free HERE

Delve into the suspenseful world of 'RUTABAGA', where journalist Adrien's latest assignment at a charming new guest house quickly turns into a spine-chilling investigation. Run by the enigmatic Pierre and Agathe, the house's beauty belies a darker truth that Adrien is determined to unearth. With the help of HΓ©lΓ¨ne, they peel back the layers of the house's mysterious aura, inching closer to a secret that's as sinister as it is elusive. Watch Full Film Free HERE

When the job market closes, sometimes the only opening is... a portal to hell? Meet Pat, a videographer who teams up with an Exorcist after getting laid off during the COVID-19 outbreak. Together, they stumble upon a diabolical scheme to kickstart the apocalypse. 'THE EXORCISTS' takes you on an eerie, often absurd, ride as humanity’s quirkiest defenders tackle paranormal forces with more guts than grace. Watch Full Film Free HERE

When 500 A.D. meets side-splitting humor in Denmark, the result is a fantasy comedy horror like no other. Meet Grendel – the monster who's less about the terror and more about the party fouls. In a realm where the night is dark and full of terrors, one hero stands ready with a joke in her heart and a trick up her sleeve. Princess Freawaru and her sarcastic sidekick, Shaper, scour the land for a savior and stumble upon Beowulf. But this Beowulf comes with her own brand of demon-slaying... and comedy. Watch Full Film Free HERE

LIFE'S A BEACH is a documentary that delves into the life of Mungo, a man who chose an alternative, off-grid lifestyle on the picturesque beach of Folkestone Warren. LIFE'S A BEACH; The experiences of a man who made waves, by going against the tide. Watch Full Film Free HERE

Β£198,000 doesn't grow on trees and it definitely doesn't in south London, where three hapless criminals, Hugo, Gavin and Neville find themselves in a 'double cross' gone wrong, involving a bag carrying '198 Grand'. Watch Full Film Free HERE

Revenge is a dish best served cold' Following Craig's (Judson Vaughan) release from prison, ex business partner Mike (James Tweedy) throws him a welcome home freedom party at his new farmhouse, where he is reunited with his old flame, Anna (Lily Brown Griffiths). As night falls, things dramatically take a turn for the worse as underlying resentment and tensions explode. Craig and Anna are suddenly faced with a nightmare situation whereby they must make a life-changing decision. Watch Full Film Free HERE

Sonny falls in love with Sophia who he meets through a dating app. As their relationship develops, Sophia discovers that she has cancer. Deeply in love, Sonny proposes and they get engaged. Sophia shifts her attention onto social media to seek sympathy and support, posting regular updates of her journey. But is Sophia all that she seems? Watch Full Film Free HERE


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