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Exclusive First Look: Unveiling the Teaser Trailer for Paul Knight's UK Crime-Action Film 'FYRE RISES'.

LIFE'S A BEACH Mungo's Off Grid Life in Folkestone - Full Documentary

The Guardian called the film "A picture-perfect documentary detailing a threat to the idyll of an English eccentric".

Step Back in Time: Trailer Unveiled for Lincoln Fenner's 80's Nostalgia-Infused UK Sci-Fi 'TIME REWIND'.

Outline: A London man suspected of the murder of his teenage daughter wakes in with amnesia to find he must travel back to 1989, to save her from a bullying accident that is destined to claim her lifRead more

First Look at WHEN DARKNESS FALLS: Horror Thriller Set in the Scottish Highlands — Trailer Hosted on BritFlicks.

Get ready for "WHEN DARKNESS FALLS," a tension-filled horror thriller coming to digital platforms on October 2. Directed by Nathan Shepka and penned by Tom Jolliffe, this feature promises to be aRead more

WEREWOLVES UNEARTHED: Unraveling the Mystery of Dogman Sightings in America's Heartland — Trailer Now on BritFlicks.

Documentary filmmaker Ward Hiney has teamed up with skeptical journalist Chad Christy and production company Small Town Monsters to delve into reports of 'dogman' sightings in the Ohio Valley. WhileRead more

'END OF TERM' Set for UK Digital Release this October by Reel 2 Reel Films.

We are pleased to share the official trailer for the upcoming UK horror film, 'END OF TERM'. Distributed by Reel 2 Reel Films, this feature is directed by Mat Menon and includes notable actors suchRead more

Scott Bateman Unveils Genre-Bending Animation '5000 SPACE ALIENS' — Watch the Trailer Ahead of Worldwide Release

Director Scott Bateman and Producer Lucas A. Ferrara are thrilled to unveil the trailer for their innovative animated film, 5000 SPACE ALIENS. Available for digital download globally startingRead more

Breaking Glass Pictures Secures Rights to 'ALIENS UNCOVERED: BORROWED TIME'

Breaking Glass Pictures reveal the captivating next chapter in the "ALIENS UNCOVERED: BORROWED TIME" series. Created by celebrated author Clive Christopher, this exhilarating sci-fi thriller plungesRead more

First Look: Trailer Released for 'BARRY CLEANSKINS,' a Debut Indie Horror Film by Melbourne Director Gwynn Earl,

Set in Northvale, Melbourne., "BARRY CLEANSKINS" chronicles the perilous adventure of three friends who inadvertently descend into a dark underworld filled with illegal drugs and deadly crimes, allRead more

Nick Forshaw Unveils 'JEB: THE FAME AND THE FURY' – A BritFlicks Exclusive.

For more info and About JEB: THE FAME & FURY, and to watch some shorts, visit thier YouTube Channel► @JebTSausagefreakRead more

New Trailer Alert: Dive Into the Star-Studded Historical Drama 'THE REVEREND & MRS SIMPSON'.

Award-winning director Richard Dee-Roberts presents 'THE REVEREND & MRS SIMPSON,' featuring stellar performances from Julian Glover, Anne Scherliess, Judith Paris, Isla Blair, and Stephen Billington,Read more

Gravitas Ventures' New Horror '15 CAMERAS' Hits On-Demand and LA Theatres on October 13th.

Outline: When young couple Cam and Sky invest in a duplex as their starter home, they initially see it as a financial win-win—mortgage costs offset by rent, and even a spare room for Sky's sister,Read more

Gravitas Ventures Snags Worldwide Rights to '15 CAMERAS,' the Latest Installment of the Cult Horror Series

Gravitas Ventures has just sealed the deal on global rights to the much-anticipated horror film '15 CAMERAS,' brought to you by Danny Madden and the creative teams at 30 Bones Cinema & Hood RiverRead more

THE NIGHT SLAYER: A Groundbreaking 30-Year Cinematic Journey.

What would happen if a chance encounter led to immediate suspicion? Michael McQuown stumbled upon this intriguing concept back in 1990 after meeting a woman he was supposed to call but hadn't. A fewRead more

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