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Britflicks Extra goes behind the scenes of Richard Miller's Sci-Fi REPEAT.

BritFlick goes behind Richard Miller's REPEAT, a brilliant little indie sci-fi, that punches well above its weight. REPEAT is available now on streaming platforms in the UK & North America.

Right now REPEAT is our top trending film trailer. Watch it here►

Outline: Cognitive psychologist Ryan Moores investigations into the inner workings of the brain lead him to an unbelievable and totally unexpected discovery - a signal from the afterlife. Ryans joy is short-lived as he digs deeper to understand the signal from the otherside his young Sam daughter vanishes without a trace. When all leads go cold he takes the investigation into his own hands.

Read the BritFlicks review here►

Leroy Kincaide Talks About Making His Exorcism Horror Movie, THE LAST RITE, Starring Bethan Waller.

BritFlicksExtra welcomed British film director Leroy Kincaide to the Screen South studio in Folkestone, to talk about his exorcism horror, THE LAST RITE, starring Bethan Waller. 

Leroy discusses his style of writing, directing and the techniques he used to make his brilliantly crafted horror film.

THE LAST RITE will be released in the U.S,  26.11.21 by Samuel Goldwyn Films.

Leroy Kincaide Talks About Making His Exorcism Horror Movie, THE LAST RITE, Starring Bethan Waller.
Leroy Kincaide talks about his debut feature THE LAST RITE

Signature Entertainment Drop New Trailer & Artwork For British Revenge Movie BULL.

Signature Entertainment, the film distributors that bring us the Rise Of The Footsoldier franchise, has just launch the new trailer and artwork for it latest British film, brutal revenge movie BULL. This highly anticipated movie directed by Paul Andrew Williams (London To Brighton), will screen at the BFI London Film Festival & Fantasia before being released in UK Cinemas from 5th November 2021. Read more...

Britflicks Exclusive: Neil Maskel Talks BULL & Brit's Film.

Neil Maskell talks on how he prepares for roles, influences, working with Wheatley & Johnson & new release, BULL.

Trailer Drops For Australian Horror SURROGATE Starring Wolf Creek’s Kestie Morassi.

Wolf Creek actress, Kestie Morassi, returns to the horror genre starring in the twisted and bloody tale SURROGATE – directed by upcoming Australian Director David Willing. Fans of The Ring,Read more

Trailer Drops For Greek Road-Trip Comedy, IN THE STRANGE PURSUIT OF LAURA DURAND

Smart Dog Prouctions have announced the release of IN THE STRANGE PURSUIT OF LAURA DURAND. The greek buddy roadtrip comedy will be released across all major digital platforms including iTunes,Read more

Jane Foster Reviews Chloe Fairweather's Documentary, DYING TO DIVORCE.

If you think that Turkey is a country with 21st century values, think again. Alas, it used to be more so, but in recent years politics and a severe swing towards regressive values means thatRead more

Jane Foster Reviews Aneil Karia's, THE LONG GOODBYE.

Shot by highly talented, upcoming Director, Aneil Karia, THE LONG GOODBYE, is startling, brilliant and a fine example of modern cross genre writing, aimed very much at a 21st century world. PartRead more

Steven Murphy: The Highs, Lows & Heart Attack, Making Zero Budget Indie Films.

Our latest interview is with Steven Murphy, a working class, writer, director, producer, who we have admired for a long time. Despite all the odds, Steven has made three indie feature films,Read more

Film Trailer Drops For Kris Roselli’s US Horror HIDEOUT, Available Now On Amazon UK.

Outline: As amateur criminals escape a botched robbery, one is shot and will die if they don't get help. They come upon a remote farmhouse and beg the family for aid.  Luckily the grandma andRead more

PosterSpy Launch Crowdfunder For Their Latest Production, MANDY: THE ULTIMATE POSTER COLLECTION

The Kickstarter campaign aims to fund the launch of the hardback book, full of never before seen artwork, inspired by the cult phenomenon, Mandy, starring Nicolas Cage.    The book is anRead more

First Look Images Of Roland Manookian's British Drama, THE SUN ALSO RISES, Which Is Currently Filming In London & Spain.

Move Mountains Production have announced filming is underway on their new feature film THE SUN ALSO RISES, directed by Roland Manookian and produced by Shane McCormick, Tom Gordon and Josh Witcher. Read more

DEAR FUTURE CHILDREN, In 80 Odeon Cinemas For One Night Only, 23rd November.

With global protests on the rise, DEAR FUTURE CHILDREN is a film about the new generation at the heart of this seismic political shift. We will watch as Rayen protests for social justice in Chile,Read more

PITBULL – EXODUS Is In UK Cinemas from Today, Get On It, It’s Biblical.

PITBULL – EXODUS starts with Nos, an unwanted child growing up in his mother brothel. It’s here due to it’s closeness to the Polish-Russian railway, that ‘Nos’ finds discarded WW2 bombs,Read more

Cineframes - Film Posters Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before.

Cineframes, a fascinating blend of digital 21st century art with some of the best posters from the first golden age of cinema. Entering into the ‘Cineframes launch event, there was the definiteRead more

Jane Foster Review's Richard Miller's Original And Edgy Sci-Fi, REPEAT.

As we get further into the 21st century, and expand further into technology, we are facing scientific breakthroughs we never could’ve never dreamed of even 20 years ago. So, it’s no wonder thatRead more

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