Review - 28/07/2015
New Review of Death Of A Gentleman
Article - 28/07/2015
10 Must-See British Gangster & Crime Films 2011-2015
Article - 28/07/2015
Top 10 British Horror Films
Blog - 28/07/2015
25 Best British Crime and Gangster Films
Article - 28/07/2015
British Films At FRIGHTFEST 2015
Article - 28/07/2015
Ten Must-See British Films Of A Sexual Nature
Trailer - 27/07/2015
Trailer ReleasedA new trailer for The Bad Education Movie has been released
News - 26/07/2015
Alan Parker Donates His Working Archive To BFIAlan Parker to feature at BFI Southbank 24 Sept - 25 Oct 2015
Article - 26/07/2015
Images From The Brilliant BUTTERCUP BILL - In UK Cinemas 4 September 2015
News - 25/07/2015
Freda Cooper Looks At This Weeks Cinema & DVD Releases in TALKING PICTURESOn the menu this week 'The Legend of Barney Thomson', 'The Gunman' and 'The Third Man'.
Review - 24/07/2015
New Review of The Legend Of Barney Thomson
Trailer - 23/07/2015
Trailer ReleasedA new trailer for Buttercup Bill has been released
News - 23/07/2015
Digitally Remastered Films Clips From Ealing’s First Comedy HUE AND CRY & THE MAGNETBoth films have be remastered as part of BFI's film heritage programme.
Interview - 23/07/2015
Podcast: Britflicks Talks With David Nicholas Wilkinson About THE FIRST FILM
Blog - 22/07/2015
Ahead Of The Release Of A LITTLE CHAOS Britflicks Takes A Look At Period Dramas Featuring Kate Winslet
News - 22/07/2015
UK Actor/Producer Mem Ferda & Jessica Cameron Team Up For US Hitcher Horror DESOLATIONMem and Jessica worked on Frightfest 2014 favourite 'Truth Or Dare'.
Blog - 22/07/2015
Kenton Hall Talks About His 'Being Of Age' Family Comedy A DOZEN SUMMERS
Article - 21/07/2015
First Look At Liam Regan's Frightfest Selected Horror BANJO
Review - 21/07/2015
New Review of Containment
Trailer - 20/07/2015
Trailer ReleasedA new trailer for A Dozen Summers has been released