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Small Town Monsters announces the release of their latest documentary, 'THE SKINWALKERS: AMERICAN WEREWOLVES 2', launching nationwide on March 15, 2024.  Watch the Trailer HERE

'ANARCHY RADIO' is available now on Amazon and Google Play. More Info and Watch the Trailer HERE

PETER RABID, a new slasher horror film directed by S.J. Evans and written by Adam Stephen Kelly, is set for a 2024 release. More Info and Watch the Trailer HERE

'BEWARE OF THE BOOGEYMAN' Trailer Unveiled by Breaking Glass Pictures HERE

"THE PROCURATOR" 检察风云 showcases the journey of young, talented prosecutors in today’s world, dedicated to upholding justice with the aid of legal oversight. Watch the Film Trailer HERE

Set in 2045, ARENA WARS offers a stark vision of a future where convicted criminals can win their freedom by surviving a deadly game. More Info HERE

Mastering Film Distribution: Expert insights from MY Spotlight Independent's CEO, Taz, Watch the Interview HERE

Icon Film Distribution present 'BLEEDING LOVE', a poignant family drama, set to hit UK cinemas starting 29th March. This film marks the debut feature from director Emma Westenberg and has garnered attention following its World Premiere at SXSW.

Audiences can look forward to its UK Premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival on Saturday, 2nd March, with tickets now available at Read More and Watch the Official Trailer HERE

When a famous film director asks you a difficult interview question. Read HERE

FIRECRACKER: Directed and Starred by Andrew Lee Potts, Unveils a Gripping Tale of Survival and Deception. Read HERE

Film Trailer Drops for US Mobster Action Movie. 'THE GREAT ESCAPE'Film Trailer Drops for US Mobster Action Movie. 'THE GREAT ESCAPE'

Read More and Watch the Film Trailer HERE

'ESCAPE' is on Digital & Demand in the US via Saban Films from 15th March 2024. Watch the Official Trailer HERE

BayView Entertainment has released the Director’s Cut of BULLET PROOF JESUS, an action horror film from director William Lee. The film is now available for rent and purchase on Amazon Prime Video in the UK and USA. Watch the Official Trailer HERE

Exclusive Trailer Release: "LONDON GANGSTERS" - A Gritty Look into London's Criminal Underworld

The British Crime Thriller Arrives on UK Digital Platforms on 19 February 2024. Watch the LONDOE GANGSTERS Trailer HERE

In the world of cinema, where blockbuster budgets swell to astronomical figures, a new distribution company, DRagonFLIX, has emerged, focusing its lens on the underrepresented realm of Micro Budget films. Read more HERE

'BEAUTIFUL THINGS': A Glimpse into Maya Zupano’s Latest Film. Read More and Watch the Official Trailer HERE

MillPotts Productions, Led by Joseph Millson and Sarah-Jane Potts, is Set to Begin Production on its New Feature Film, "SIGNS OF LIFE."

"SIGNS OF LIFE" follows their success with the award-winning shorts "The Magician" and "Care." Millson, known for his roles in "Angel Has Fallen" and "Casino Royale," makes his feature directorial debut with this film, completing their trilogy.

Filming for "SIGNS OF LIFE" will start in early March 2024 in Lanzarote, following a successful Kickstarter campaign. The story continues the journey of characters from "The Magician," exploring themes of heartache, depression, and the beauty of life. Millson describes the film as an exploration of grief and the healing power of kindness. Read More HERE

Bai Ling, Felissa Rose, and Lynn Lowry Star in This Violent New York Crime Saga. Watch the Trailer HERE

Rachel Noll James Stars in a Multiverse Tale of Love and Parallel Realities. Read more and Watch the Film Trailer HERE

Experience the terror of "DARKGAME," the 2024 horror thriller from Howard J. Ford. Watch the Official Trailer HERE

Watch the 'UNDERGROUND' trailer ahead of its UK digital debut HERE

"ACORN," explores the final endeavor of a dying filmmaker against the backdrop of a sinister man-eating tree. For more info and the Watch the Film Trailer, Click HERE

British Filmmakers Josie Charles and Esme Allen to Celebrate the World Premiere of 'FISHING' at Slamdance 2024. For More Info and to Watch a Film Clip, Click HERE

Intense WWII Action in 'FORTUNES OF WAR' Starring James Oliver Wheatley and Sophie Craig. Watch the Trailer and Read More HERE

Lightbulb Film Distribution Unveils Poster and Trailer for THE SEEDING, the Upcoming Release. For More Info and to Watch the Official Trailer Click HERE

THE SETTLERS is Comming to MUBI February 9. Raed More and Watch the Official Trailer HERE

Read More and Watch the Official Film Trailer HERE

Jade Asha Shines in 'DUE DATING' While Embracing Pregnancy at 7 Months. Watch the Trailer HERE

"DERELICT" is a brutal revenge thriller starring Suzanne Fulton, Mikey Coombes, Pete Bird and Dean Kilbey. Watch the Official Trailer HERE

Third Window Films Will Release "ONE PERCENTER" on Blu-ray and Digital 11 March. Film Images, Info and the Official Trailer HERE

Get Ready for the Chilling Horror of 'SPRING LAKES,' Directed by Ranjeet S. Marwa. More Infor and the Official Trailer HERE

Unveiling MICKEY'S MOUSE TRAP: A Unique Horror Twist on a Classic Cartoon. Watch the Trailer HERE

Gravitas Ventures announces the release of PROJECT DOROTHY, a science fiction thriller set for VOD on January 16, 2024. Watch the Trailer HERE

"HORNY TEENAGERS MUST DIE!" Has Picked-up 23 Awards on the Film Festival Circuit. Watch an Exclusive Film Clip HERE

"SCARY TALES: DEAD ZONE" - A New Addition to Horror Anthologies on TUBI.

Read More and Watch the Trailer HERE

"DAY 13 - AN APOCALYPSE STORY" is a zombie horror film that's s a testament to the resilience and creativity of its young creators, all members of the Underdog Crew CIC. Read More and Watch the Teaser Trailer HERE

Here are five standout indie films that caught our eye: 'RUB', 'FEED ME', 'TO NOWHERE', 'A PERFECTLY GOOD MOMENT', and 'MANFISH'. Read More HERE


Watch the Official Trailer for Adam Nelson's 'THE MIRE' HERE


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