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The Best Road Movies Ever Made.

From the heartwarming and inspirational story of "Green Book" to the intense and action-packed "Mad Max," there is something for every type of movie lover on this list. "Into the Wild" and "TheRead more

Bayview Entertainment Acquire World-Wide Rights To Australian Horror Movie, BLISS OF EVIL.

Bayview Entertainment have acquired the horror movie BLISS OF EVIL. Directed by Josh Morris, BLISS OF EVIL stars Sharnee Tones, Jordan Shulte, and Michaela Da Costa. The screenplay was written byRead more

Trailer Drops For BREAKOUT, Starring The Late Tom Sizemore In One Of His Last Films.

Outline: A criminal mastermind and former LAPD explosives expert has seized control of a maximum-security prison and enlisted fellow prisoners as his army. He must now confront a rogue hostageRead more

Film Trailer Drops For Killer Shark Movie, THE BLACK DEMON.

In BLACK DEMON, when Paul Sturges takes his family to Bahia Negra to visit his thriving oil rig, he is stunned to find the once-lively town in ruins. The remaining residents caution him that hisRead more

Trailer Drops For US Crime Thriller, PAY THE LADY.

In PAY THE LADY, a gritty urban thriller with a neo-noir edge, a battered wife takes matters into her own hands and seeks retribution against her powerful crime-lord husband. Directed by Lina Green,Read more

Black Mandala Drop Teaser Trailer For Danny Dunlop's Disturbing Psychological Horror, WOLVES.

Outline: After discovering a string of unsolved cold cases, a young recluse is drawn into the depths of society's seedy underbelly. To uncover the truth, he must confront his own inner demons andRead more

British Actor ANDY GATENBY, BritFlicks Interview.

BritFlicks had a cracking sit down with Andy Gatenby, talking about his transition from pro boxer to actor. From how he blagged his way on to BBC show, Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week, to how he'sRead more

Signature Entertainment Drop Film Trailer For Connor O'Hara's Debut Feature, KINDLING.

Outline: Synopsis: A poignant British celebration of friendship, based on true events. Kindling follows a group of young men who return to their hometown to turn their friend Sid’s final summerRead more

Trailer Drops For UK Thriller, DAN HAWK PSYCHIC DETECTIVE.

Outline: Dan Hawk, a former detective who became a writer, is brought back to the Folkestone Police Force upon his return to his hometown. A serial killer has adopted the persona of Hawk's renownedRead more

Trailer Drops For Jacob Byrd's Horror Movie, ADALYNN.

Outline: Jacob ‘Jake’ Byrd’s debut feature film, we follow a mother's struggle with postpartum depression as she slowly loses grip on reality. The line between her depression and terrifyingRead more

Jane Foster Reviews Bent Hamer's THE MIDDLE MAN.

Set around the quirky concept of a town which hires a person to tell the bad news, from simple car crash to murder, THE MIDDLE MAN, is a bit of a one off in many ways. Whether intended as partRead more

Mad-Flix Drop Teaser Trailer For Indie Horror Movie, BIG JACK.

Outline: Twin sisters decide to host a Halloween party, and in order to make it a truly memorable event, they attempt to summon a spirit. However, things quickly spiral out of control.Read more

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