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Exclusive Indie Film Insights: Movie Behind-the-Scenes & Actor Interviews | BritFlicksExtra

Explore the heart of indie filmmaking with Exclusive Insights on BritFlicks, where we offer unparalleled access to behind-the-scenes content and in-depth interviews from the UK indie film scene. Our collection showcases the artistry and challenges of independent cinema through exclusive conversations and on-set experiences.

Notable features include:

  • Frank Harper discussing his career and British gangster films, offering a unique insight into this gripping genre.

  • Craig Fairbrass shares his journey in British gangster cinema, revealing the depth behind the scenes.

  • Neil Maskell talks about 'Bull' and his perspective on the indie film landscape, providing a raw and honest view.

From the making of 'RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER 4: MARBELLA' to candid chats with actors like Dean Kilbey and Andy Gatenby, Exclusive Insights brings you closer to the people behind the stories.

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@BritFlicksExtra steps behind-the-scenes for an exclusive look at Joseph Millson's 'SIGNS OF LIFE', where we had the opportunity to capture the early stages of production in the UK. Our presenter, Ben Shockley, was on set to bring you interviews with the film's key figures: Joseph Millson, Sarah-Jane Potts, and David Ganly.

Paul Marlon delves into his electrifying role as FYRE in 'FYRE RISES', in an exclusive chat with @BritFlicksExtra. Highlights of the interview include his casting journey, the pressure of short prep time, initial reactions to the script, the challenges of embodying FYRE, his favorite scene, and sources of inspiration. Marlon also shares insights into his collaboration with director Paul Knight and teases the future of FYRE.

In an enlightening chat with @BritflicksExtra, director Paul Knight, celebrated for '24 Little Hours', explores the adventurous production of his new action thriller, 'FYRE RISES'. Knight discusses overcoming challenges such as replacing the lead actor unexpectedly and the thrills of guerrilla filmmaking, including shooting on an airplane. He also reflects on the British indie film scene, changes within the UK film industry, and his unique path from doorman to acclaimed director.

Dive into the world of indie film distribution with our exclusive interview featuring Mumtaz "Taz" Yildirimlar, the visionary CEO of MY Spotlight Independent and MSIVOD. Taz unveils the landscape of indie film distribution, offering expert advice on securing platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and Google Play, and mastering the intricacies of film law and distribution agreements.

Gain insights into the relevance of film festivals, the evolving DVD market, and the dynamics of VOD, AVOD, SVOD, and subscription models. Taz discusses his innovative strategy for streaming movies at an accessible price, revolutionizing film access and empowering indie filmmakers.

Whether you're an aspiring filmmaker or looking to refine your distribution approach, this interview is a crucial resource for understanding the pathways to indie film success.

Join us for an exclusive BritFlicks interview with Ted Byron Baybutt, the visionary director of the British indie sci-fi 'SLAMMER'. In a deep dive into the art of sci-fi filmmaking with limited resources, Byron Baybutt shares the ingenious methods behind creating the film's stunning space visuals, the intricate casting process, and more insights that illuminate his creative journey.

'SLAMMER' unfolds the captivating story of Ann Waterman (Flora Montgomery), a pioneering scientist kidnapped and placed in a futuristic prison. As a human test subject, she spends a year in isolation, facing her fears and deciphering the mystery of her captor's identity, all while uncovering a global conspiracy.

Whether you're a dedicated cinephile or an emerging filmmaker, this conversation offers a treasure trove of inspiration and insight into making visionary sci-fi cinema without breaking the bank.

Dive into the heart of London's unseen corners in our engaging conversation with Sian Astor-Lewis about her compelling social realism drama, 'TO NOWHERE'. This film captures the turbulent escapade of two teenage friends navigating a path of self-destruction fueled by alcohol in inner-London. Their odyssey takes a perilous turn, confronting them with buried traumas and a critical crossroads: face their demons together or drift apart forever.

'TO NOWHERE' stands out as a testament to micro-budget filmmaking, mesmerizing audiences with its raw portrayal of life's grit. Mads Junker's beautiful cinematography and Josefine Glæsel's breathtaking performance amplify the film's impact, promising an unforgettable voyage into the depths of London's stark reality. Join us for an intimate glimpse into the making of 'TO NOWHERE', a film that beautifully encapsulates the essence of social realism.

Dive deep into the making of the much-awaited UK thriller, 'FEAR THE INVISIBLE MAN', with @BritFlicksExtra's Rob Wallace. This exclusive behind-the-scenes tour offers an intimate look at the production, featuring insights from director Paul Dudbridge, cinematographer Alex Metcalfe, and star Mhairi Calvey.

Explore the creative hurdles, filming secrets, and the dedication behind the scenes.

Outline: In an intriguing narrative, a youthful widow from Britain offers sanctuary to a former medical school comrade who has mysteriously acquired the ability to render himself unseen. As his seclusion intensifies and his mental stability unravels, he plots to unleash a merciless wave of slaughter and dread throughout the city, with the widow serving as the sole harbinger of his existence.

BritFlicks sit-down with dynamic filmmaker Michael Head, as he unveils his eagerly anticipated projects. Head delves into 'Miss The Kiss', a unique blend of British gangster flair and comedy, 'The Greater Game', a poignant historical piece about the Clapton Orient football team during WW1, and 'Bermondsey Tales', a compelling narrative of a South London crime family's decline. He also teases a possible prequel to the cult classic 'Love Honour and Obey'.

Discover Head's collaboration with Ray Burdis at Fugitive Film Productions and the star-studded cast including Frank Harper, Martin Kemp, and Maisie Smith. Amidst the conversation, Head addresses the underappreciated genre of British gangster films, promising an insightful perspective on his creative journey and the future of UK cinema.

Marc Coleman Reveals Secrets to Indie Success with 'MANFISH' | A BritFlicks Chat

Marc Coleman sits down with BritFlicks to share his journey of directing the award-winning, zero-budget comedy horror, 'MANFISH'. Now streaming on Prime Video, 'MANFISH' marks Coleman's debut in British cinema, blending dark humor with horror in a tale that unfolds on Canvey Island.

The story follows Terry (Dean Kilbey), a despondent loner and failed jewelry box entrepreneur, whose life changes dramatically when he discovers a humanoid sea creature on the shore. With ambitions of profiting from the creature, influenced by his abusive girlfriend (Emma Stannard) and criminally inclined brother, Terry's plans take unexpected turns, leading to a series of darkly comedic events.

BritFlicks catches up with Dean Kilbey, the leading man of the acclaimed British comedy horror 'MANFISH'. Dean shares insights into his acting journey, his role in 'MANFISH', and his upcoming projects, including the TV series 'Bruxo Burvis'. 'MANFISH' is currently streaming on Digital Platforms, available to watch on Prime Video

Join BritFlicks for an engaging conversation with Andy Gatenby as he shares his remarkable transition from professional boxing to acting. Learn about his audacious leap onto the BBC show, "Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week," and his ambitious path toward Hollywood stardom.

BritFlicksExtra had the pleasure of hosting UK actor Neil Ward at the ScreenSouth studio for an exclusive discussion about his compelling role in the British indie horror, 'FEED ME'. Starring as the troubled Lionel Flack, Ward delves into the depths of despair and darkness in a narrative that explores loss, night terrors, and a descent into cannibalism.

Join @BritflicksExtra for an exclusive conversation with Kyla Frye and Sam Benjamin about their latest project, 'THE PAY DAY'. Starring Frye and Benjamin alongside Vincent Jerome, and featuring Ellen Thomas and Simon Callow, 'THE PAY DAY' intricately weaves the tale of a determined IT technician on a risky data heist, only to find her plans entangled with a suave con artist's schemes.

Dive into the heart of comedy and drama with BritFlicksExtra's exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Jack Spring’s 'THREE DAY MILLIONAIRE', filmed in the historic town of Grimsby. Featuring a stellar cast including Colm Meaney, Jonas Armstrong, and Robbie Gee, this film promises a unique twist on the heist genre.

BritFlicksExtra takes you exclusively behind the scenes of the gripping British thriller 'THE STRANGER IN OUR BED', directed by Giles Alderson. Despite the challenges of a particularly rainy day, we caught up with Alderson and the film's stars Emily Berrington, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, and Joseph Marcell. Join us for an inside look at the making of this suspenseful story, direct from its rain-drenched set, and get personal insights from the cast and director on bringing this thrilling narrative to life.

Louisa Warren on Indie Film: From Acting to Directing | BritFlicksExtra Exclusive

In an insightful conversation with BritFlicks, Louisa Warren shares her experiences within the British independent film scene, detailing her journey from actress to producer and director of indie films. Discover Warren's transition, challenges, and successes in the vibrant world of independent cinema.

Terry Ellis opens up to BritFlicksExtra about orchestrating one of London's most audacious robberies, likened to an 'Ocean's Eleven' heist. With a British crime film in development, Ellis revisits the infamous Kings Cross heist, sharing the thrilling details of penetrating a high-security data center to steal motherboards worth over £100 million. Join us as Ellis takes us through the London streets where this daring robbery unfolded.

BritFlicksExtra sits down with Sharon Lawrence to discuss her transition from acting to producing, highlighting her journey into the realm of film production. Lawrence delves into her upcoming projects, including the Dusty Springfield drama "MARY 3691," directed by Frank Harper, which explores a lesser-known chapter of the legendary singer's life. She also sheds light on "TWO PENNY PRINCE," a captivating drama that examines the relationship between music icons Marc Bolan and David Bowie.

Frank Harper Reflects on British Gangster Films & More | BritFlicksExtra Exclusive

In a detailed conversation with BritFlicks, Frank Harper, known for his iconic roles in "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and "The Football Factory," explores his rich film career. Harper offers insights into the world of British gangster films, working with Denzel Washington, the creative process behind "The Football Factory," and his experience directing "St George's Day." He also touches on his family's connection to Millwall and Leyton Orient, and upcoming projects like "Mary 3691," a film about Dusty Springfield. Dive into this exclusive interview to see Frank Harper discuss his pivotal role in British cinema, especially within the gangster genre, and his exciting current and future projects.

Join BritFlicksExtra behind the scenes of the British indie film "DAN HAWK PSYCHIC DETECTIVE," a project remarkable for its zero budget and creative collaboration with Folkestone College. In this exclusive feature, Ben Shockley shares insights on wearing multiple hats in the film, from acting to scriptwriting, and the unique challenges and rewards of crafting a film script with no budget.

Join BritFlicksExtra for an insightful conversation with British actress Ayvianna Snow, as she delves into her acting career, reflections on the UK film industry, and her involvement with the film union Equity. Known for her roles in notable films like Paul Hyett's "The Convent," Howard J. Ford's "The Lockdown Hauntings," and Jonathan Zaurin's "Hollow," Snow is quickly making her mark. 

In our latest conversation, we spotlight Steven Murphy, a dedicated working-class writer, director, and producer whose resilience in the indie film scene has captured our admiration. Against formidable challenges, Steven has successfully brought to life three indie features: "Doorways," "My Saviour" (featuring both Steven and the talented Bailey Freer), and "Relentless." Poised to embark on his fourth project, 'SKULL HUNTER'.

Bethan Waller Delves into 'THE LAST RITE' | BritFlicksExtra Conversation

BritFlicksExtra was delighted to host British actress Bethan Waller at the Screen South studio in Folkestone for an engaging chat with Shanaiya Pithiya about her remarkable role in Leroy Kincaide's exorcism horror film, 'THE LAST RITE'. Waller shares insights into her preparation for the role, highlighting her favorite scenes and the challenges she faced during filming.

BritFlicksExtra invited British filmmaker Leroy Kincaide to the Screen South studio in Folkestone for a detailed conversation with Shanaiya Pithiya about creating his exorcism horror film, 'THE LAST RITE', featuring Bethan Waller.

Kincaide reveals his approach to writing, directing, and the innovative techniques he employed to bring this acclaimed horror narrative to life, including its celebrated World Premiere at FrightFest.

In an exclusive session with BritFlicks, Neil Maskell delves into his significant role in the anticipated UK film 'BULL', reflects on his diverse acting career with movies like 'Kill List', 'The Football Factory', and 'Hyena', and talks about his first venture into directing with 'Klokkenluider'. 'BULL' is set to captivate audiences on digital platforms from 25th March 2022, presented by Signature Entertainment.

BritFlicks is thrilled to present an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse and the trailer of Chris Crow's gripping Welsh psychological thriller, 'THE BALLAD OF BILLY MCCRAE'. Set against the backdrop of Port Talbot, this film features the esteemed David Hayman, celebrated for his roles in 'Sid & Nancy' and 'Macbeth', alongside talented actors Sianad Gregory and Ian Virgo.

Dive into the behind-the-scenes magic of Richard Miller's science fiction film 'REPEAT', brought to you by BritFlicks Extra. Starring a talented ensemble including Charlotte Ritchie, Nina Wadia, Tom England, and Ellila-Jean Wood, 'REPEAT' delves into the mind-bending investigation of cognitive psychologist Ryan Moores. His discovery of a signal from the afterlife takes a dark turn when his daughter mysteriously disappears. Join us for an exclusive look into the creation of this thrilling sci-fi adventure and subscribe to BritFlicksExtra for more behind-the-scenes content.

BritflicksExtra goes behind the scenes of Tom Paton's, Ghurka inspired, military action movie 400 BULLETS. Talking with Tom, Cinematographer George Burt and stars Jean-Paul Ly, & Andrew Lee Potts

Join BritFlicksExtra for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Simon Colton's futuristic sci-fi 'OVERRIDE', featuring in-depth discussions with stars Dean Caine and Kimberly Wyatt.

Set in 2040, the story unfolds around a female humanoid A.I. manipulated by her spouse into abducting the U.S. vice president’s son for a live execution on TV, fueling a vengeful plot linked to the death of the instigator's own child.

Britflicks presents an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into Greg Hall's BONDED BY BLOOD 2, explored through Joanna Ebuwa's on-set experience. Produced by Jonathan Sothcott and Neil Jones, this sequel delves deep into the turbulent aftermath of the Essex Boys Range Rover murders.

BONDED BY BLOOD 2 examines the ambitious gangsters who emerged to fill the formidable shoes of Pat Tate, Tony Tucker, and Craig Rolfe, showcasing a new era of crime and power struggles.

Join BritFlicks as we venture behind the scenes of WE STILL STEAL THE OLD WAY. Our very own Joanna Ebuwa was on the ground, mingling with the cast and crew to bring you an insider's view of what it takes to create a British gangster film.

As the eagerly anticipated sequel to the hit British crime film WE STILL KILL THE OLD WAY, WE STILL STEAL THE OLD WAY continues to capture the essence and thrill of the gangster genre


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