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Avi Federgreen Talks About FOR THE SAKE OF VICIOUS & Indie Filmmaking.

Britflicks Podcast host & screenwriter Stuart Wright talks with Avi Federgreen about his film FOR THE SAKE OF VICIOUS, the impact of COVID19 and producing 60+ films and distributing 100+ films to date. This podcast is a mine of filmmaker information and tips from a filmmaker who speaks from real experience and understanding.

Avi Federgreen is the Producer of FOR THE SAKE OF THE VICIOUS.

When it premiered at Frightfest Britflicks concluded: "[FTSOV] dazzles with intensity. It never takes its proverbial foot off the audience’s throat. The rights and wrongs of it all are thrown out the window, as getting to a truth, and meting out rough justice for the rape of Chris’s daughter simply means one more death by the end of the film. The lasting surprise is how anyone survived to tell the tale."

FOR THE SAKE OF THE VICIOUS is Out Now in the UK on DVD & Digital by Signature Entertainment.

CLAPBOARD JUNGLE is Out Now in the UK on Blu-Ray & Streaming on Arrow.

Avi is an Exec Producer on CLAPBOARD JUNGLE, Justin McConnell's stunning documentary about genre filmmaking. Featuring interviews with Guillermo Del Toro, Barbara Crampton, Paul Schrader, Tom Savini and many more.


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