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Watch Exclusively On Apple TV

The British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) Spring Season Is Now Exclusively On Apple TV.

With more than 90 BUFF titles now available, here's the latest films now available to watch on Apple TV, courtesy of The British Urban Film Festival.


Directed by Andrew McGeary & Matt Taylor

Outline: Charlie is a down on his luck property developer has one last chance to save his family and livelihood by redeveloping a rundown warehouse.

Watch THE WAREHOUSE on Apple TV►


Directed by Samuell Benta

Outline: In the face of much negative press and stereotypes, two teenagers are inspired by an English lesson at school to change the outlook on the St Raphael’s Estate in NorthWest London, with the use of spoken word poetry.

Watch PERCEPTIONS on Apple TV►

GONE (short)

Directed By Cherrelle Skeete

Outline: It’s been 5 months, 1 week and 3 days since all the women left; but have the men learnt anything in that time?

Watch GONE on Apple TV ►

BLEEDER (short)

Directed by Christiana Ebohon-Green

Outline: Liam has discovered his mother had a secret, and it’s too late to confront her with the truth.

Watch BLEEDER on Apple TV ►

AJAR (short)

Directed by Thea Gajic

Outline: Two siblings struggle to keep their sister out of troubled water, after her release from prison leaves her afraid of closed doors and pushes her back into the hands of the person that put her there.

Watch AJAR on Apple TV ►


Directed By A.J. Quinn

Outline: Assumptions. Misconceptions. On a weekend away, two groups of friends unearth surprising truths about each other. What is the life you’re born into isn’t the one you’re supposed to have?

Watch BIRTH RIGHT on Apple TV ►


Directed by Liran Nathan

Outline: As Aden lies alone in the dark he begins to imagine all the possible routes his life might have taken, until he finally settles on the one where he can be eternally happy.



Directed By Aurora Fearnley 

Outline: Camilla, a young photographer competes in the male dominated and vicious London Paparazzi after her portrait studio closes. Camilla is desperate to find the money to keep her sisters in a clinic where she is recovering from anorexia, but she discovers that the pictures she takes and sells have a direct correlation with her sister’s eating disorder. 

Watch PAPARAZZA on Apple TV ►

STORKER (short)

Directed by Cyril Nri

Outline: Five individuals trapped in an abortion clinic. One has a knife.

Watch STORKER on Apple TV ►

NATALIE (short)

Directed by Mikey Murray

Outline: An estranged woman travels home to her father's funeral in order to get closure with her prejudiced family.

Watch NATALIE on Apple TV ►


Directed By Makalla McPherson

Outline: Four friends reunite after years of separation at the funeral of their childhood carer.

Watch FRAGMENTS on Apple TV ►


Directed by  Ivan Madeira

Outline: Dangling before her is a long-awaited record deal - a young talented musician, desperate to feed her hunger to succeed; but she’s going to destroy the relationships with those around her if she’s not careful.


UNDONE (short

Directed by Francesca Castelbuono

Outline: UNDONE is a delicate and moving short about two straight-identified women (one younger, one older), who wake up one morning in the same bed.

Watch UNDONE on Apple TV ►

18 LATIMER ROAD (short)

Directed by A.J. Quinn

Outline: In the simmering heat and tension of the 1958 Notting Hill race riots, married couple Agnes and Ivan receive a life changing visit from America.

Watch 18 LATIMER ROAD on Apple TV ►


Directed By Martin J Pickering

Outline: The story of 2 fatherless boys on an unlikely journey of brotherly love. Josh needs to get little Moses to his Father, but in doing so he will jeopardise his own future. God is watching.

Watch STEALING MOSES on Apple TV ►


Directed By Sam Bradford

Outline: Cocky young con-artists, Jenn and George have been making all the right moves, breaking the law, and having fun doing it. But one night after making suspiciously light work of a heavy score, they find themselves crossing the line into dangerous territory... in more ways than one... DOUBLE CROSS is a five minute crime caper about two con artists who bite off more than they can chew. Written By: Kyla Frye

Watch DOUBLE CROSS on Apple TV ►

SUNNY BOY (short)

Directed by Jane Gull

Outline: Danny and his overprotective father live in a world of darkness due to his rare skin condition. He longs to be a regular teenager playing football out in the sun. When Danny receives some news about his medical condition he decides to stand up to his dad and take control of his own life. 

Watch SUNNY BOY on Apple TV ►

​DENTURES (short)

Directed by Anderson West

Outline: As a group of young men battle using the art form of rap to communicate their dissatisfaction with society, it's up to one old lady who is disturbed by their grievances to set the record straight.

Watch DENTURES on Apple TV ►


Directed by Ida Akesson

Outline: Banter around the burger van is always animated – especially with Ken griping to his mates about his nagging wife and kids. It’s an endless family saga… but Ken’s home isn’t your typical family abode.

Watch THE HOLIDAY on Apple TV ►


Directed by Jesse Quinones

Outline: 12-year-old Josh is a mixed race boy and a promising baseball player. He is abused by his mother’s boyfriend Byrd, and neglected by his mother Debbie. He manages to forge his own path in life when his long-lost grandfather Solomon insists he study for his Bar Mitzvah.



Directed by Abbie Lucas

Outline: Testing Greta is an unusual story of domestic abuse told in a unique and surprising way. Partly darkly comic and partly heartbreaking, it tells the story of a strong woman who momentarily breaks, revealing the horrific truth of her private life, before resuming her glamorous facade.

Watch TESTING GRETA on Apple TV ►


Directed by Jimmy Nsubuga

Outline: Eve risks her life to travel back in time in order to change the events that caused the death of her parents.

Watch GHOSTS IN TIME on Apple TV ►

DIEMBE (short)

Directed by Anderson West

Outline: An African migrant teenager moves to a town in Northern England, and has to deal with prejudice. He makes friends with a fellow classmate, however with negativity at every turn this friendship will be put to the test.

Watch DIEMBE (on Apple TV ►


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