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5 GREEDY BANKERS film review and trailer

5 GREEDY BANKERS Film Review & Trailer

Director: Simon Davison

Starring: Pippa Haywood, Ramon Tikaram, Tim J. Henley, Richard Dixon, Julian Noyce & Chris Stanbury

Clever in concept and creative in delivery; 5 FIVE GREEDY BANKERS explores what many wish could befall those who caused the economic crisis of 2008. 

Five Greedy Bankers follows the exploits of disgraced banker Catherine as she joins forces with Fidel, a crassly symbolically named revolutionary, as he strives to reap revenge on the bankers who were the main benefactors from the economic downturn. Catherine provides inside knowledge for Fidel’s existing team of Chaos and Nell as they plan and execute inventive downfalls for each of the perpetrators. The revenge includes revolving toilets opening into pigpens, food fights and near-nudity. These vengeances culminate in hitting the bankers where it hurts the most. 

The script is strong, and the characters of Catherine and Fidel are acted well by Pippa Haywood and Ramon Tikaram. Haywood creates a brilliantly bitter alcoholic cajoled into cleaning up so that she can wreak revenge and Tikaram is a quirky and engaging Fidel. 

However, the choice of soundtrack, combined with graphics reminiscent of children’s television programmes, detracts from the content of the film; it is clumsy rather than funny.  

Overall, an amusing yet dark escapade with a satisfying ending. 

5 GREEDY BANKERS is available now on Amazom Prime

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