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Trailer Drops For US Crime Thriller, PAY THE LADY.

In PAY THE LADY, a gritty urban thriller with a neo-noir edge, a battered wife takes matters into her own hands and seeks retribution against her powerful crime-lord husband. Directed by Lina Green, PAY THE LADY stars Lauryn Ford, Maurice Whitfield, Dushaun Thompson, Robert Dobson, Missira Ross.Directed by Lina Green, PAY THE LADY stars Lauryn Ford, Maurice Whitfield, Dushaun Thompson, Robert Dobson, Missira Ross.

March 24, 2023

Black Mandala Drop Teaser Trailer For Danny Dunlop's Disturbing Psychological Horror, WOLVES.

Outline: After discovering a string of unsolved cold cases, a young recluse is drawn into the depths of society's seedy underbelly. To uncover the truth, he must confront his own inner demons and face the darkness that lurks within.WOLVES had a successful film festival run, screening at the Cinequest Film Festival, Dances with Films, Regina International Film Festival and Awards, Atlanta Horror Film Festival, Portland Film Festival, Forest City Film Festival, Windsor International Film Festival,...

March 17, 2023

British Actor ANDY GATENBY, BritFlicks Interview.

BritFlicks had a cracking sit down with Andy Gatenby, talking about his transition from pro boxer to actor. From how he blagged his way on to BBC show, Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week, to how he's is going all the way to Hollywood,

March 15, 2023

Signature Entertainment Drop Film Trailer For Connor O'Hara's Debut Feature, KINDLING.

Outline: Synopsis: A poignant British celebration of friendship, based on true events. Kindling follows a group of young men who return to their hometown to turn their friend Sid’s final summer into a celebration of life, love and friendship. Facing mortality, Sid (George Somner, Sex Education) wants to create a legacy and be remembered forever. With his obsession for astronomy and the atmosphere, he comes up with a plan to bring everyone together and make this summer unforgettable. He gives e...

March 15, 2023

Trailer Drops For UK Thriller, DAN HAWK PSYCHIC DETECTIVE.

Outline: Dan Hawk, a former detective who became a writer, is brought back to the Folkestone Police Force upon his return to his hometown. A serial killer has adopted the persona of Hawk's renowned literary character and is ruthlessly murdering individuals in succession.DAN HAWK PSYCHIC DETECTIVE was made in partnership with students from The EDGE, Folkestone College....

March 15, 2023

Trailer Drops For Jacob Byrd's Horror Movie, ADALYNN.

Outline: Jacob ‘Jake’ Byrd’s debut feature film, we follow a mother's struggle with postpartum depression as she slowly loses grip on reality. The line between her depression and terrifying nightmares blurs as she and her newborn become the target of a unique and relentless stalker.Summer Hill Films President, Ted Chalmers, describes ADLYNN, which has already been accepted into 22 festivals and received awards for Byrd as Best Director, Sydney as Best Actress, and Mala as Women Filmmaker, ...

March 14, 2023

Jane Foster Reviews Bent Hamer's THE MIDDLE MAN.

Set around the quirky concept of a town which hires a person to tell the bad news, from simple car crash to murder, THE MIDDLE MAN, is a bit of a one off in many ways.Whether intended as part comedy, part tragedy, or dramedy, THE MIDDLE MAN, is part of a recent trend in storytelling. Exploring the human condition, it freely uses well know setting tropes to frame complex, conflicted characters, then pits them against themselves almost as much as each other. The good thing is that because the audi...

March 13, 2023

Mad-Flix Drop Teaser Trailer For Indie Horror Movie, BIG JACK.

Outline: Twin sisters decide to host a Halloween party, and in order to make it a truly memorable event, they attempt to summon a spirit. However, things quickly spiral out of control.

March 11, 2023

DEAD BRIDE Coming To UK Digital, 20th March 2023, Courtesy Of Trinity Creative.

Outline: Alyson's life takes a dark turn when her husband Richard goes on a work trip. As she explores the eerie old mansion they call home, she stumbles upon unsettling secrets that have been buried for years. As Alyson delves deeper into her family's troubled past, she realizes that there is more than just history haunting her. The trauma of the past resurfaces with a vengeance, putting her family's unity at risk. With time running out, Alyson must fight to save her loved ones from the dark fo...

March 11, 2023

Movie Trailer Drops For Psychedelic Gangster Film, ZAPPER!

Outline: The film produced by Gatsmenta Films, ZAPPER!, takes place in a surreal alternate dimension where unexpected occurrences such as bananas shooting laser beams and soup cans being used as grenades are commonplace. The movie follows a group of eccentric gangsters as they embark on a high-stakes heist to acquire the mystical King's Board artifact, risking their lives in the process. It can be described as a psychedelic crime thriller.ZAPPER! stars Skye Armenta, Nick Gatsby, Moye The Great, ...

March 8, 2023

WIN A Pair Of Tickets To The London Premiere Of Sky Cinema's MARLOWE, With Liam Neeson Giving A Live Intro.

Outline: Set in late 1930s Los Angeles, MARLOWE is a gripping noir crime thriller that follows the story of Philip Marlowe, a street-wise and down on his luck detective played by Liam Neeson. Hired to find the ex-lover of a glamorous heiress (Diane Kruger), who is the daughter of a well-known movie star (Jessica Lange), Marlowe's investigation uncovers a tangled web of lies. As he delves deeper, Marlowe becomes embroiled in a dangerous and deadly investigation where everyone involved has somethi...

March 8, 2023

Marcus Markou's UK Drama THE WIFE AND HER HOUSE HUSBAND, To Open Its £1 Cinema Run, At Prince Charles Cinema.

As their contentious divorce nears its end, Cassie (Laura Bayston) and Matthew (Laurence Spellman) receive a surprise reminder from their past - a letter they wrote to each other as young lovers, containing instructions for a potential future separation. The letter encourages them to create meaningful experiences that will allow them to part ways with love and not bitterness. Despite his initial reluctance, Matthew agrees to complete the first item on the list - revisiting the park where they fi...

March 8, 2023

Terror Films Drop Trailer For Brandon McLemore's Haunting Horror, DARK ENTITIES.

Outline: After a tragic accident in 1977, the three Winters siblings inherit a mysterious home and move in, only to uncover its dark secrets that threaten everything they hold dear. Despite seeking logical explanations for the strange occurrences, they are unable to find any answers and their lives are soon at risk. As the supernatural forces become increasingly dangerous, they turn to a parapsychologist for help. With time running out, can they survive the malevolent entities? Starring Elena On...

March 8, 2023

MegaCity Media Launch SPACE GOBLINS Teaser Trailer.

The upcoming movie is a "soft reboot" of the beloved underground cult classic animated film, SPACE GOBLINS. Ams Overton and MegaCity Media have ambitious plans to bring a visually stunning, nostalgic, and action-packed cinematic adventure to audiences across the universe. With a focus on endearing characters and an emotional core, the film aims to capture the hearts of viewers.Outline: After living off the grid for the past ten years, Gib and Gob, two bounty hunters, receive a summons for w...

March 8, 2023


Outline: Although the frontier is nearing its end, the allure of the Wild West lives on. Even after years since the massacre of a nearby tribe, a lone "wild-man" still roams the area. Benjamin seeks to remove the indigenous people from the land, assigning Henry with the duty of extermination.Cameron Ashplant & Matthew Stockreiter, LAST FLAMINGO OF THE RED SUMMER SUNSET stars Western legends; Billy Slaughter (Magnificent Seven, Mindhunter) and Dane Rhodes (True Detective, Free State...

March 8, 2023

Rasika Agashe’s Debut Feature, CITY PERSONIFIED (Ticha Shahar Hona) To Be Released In U.S. & Canada, 8th March 2023.

Synopsis : 'Ticha Shahar Hona (City Personified)' is a story of the metamorphosis of an upper-middle-class urban woman called Archana into an aware, considerate, and fearless voice in a city like Mumbai that is often indifferent toward its occupants. A city with a class-divide so huge that people are living on different economic poles. A random encounter with a house help and subsequent events shake Archana's perspective and give an altogether new meaning to her life.

March 6, 2023

Onur Tukel's Award-Winning Horror THAT COLD DEAD LOOK IN YOUR EYES, Available Now On Prime Video.

Synopsis: Leonard and Marie were very much in love once. Not anymore. She wants him out of her apartment by the time she gets back from her trip to Stockholm. But Leonard doesn't have many options. He's a mediocre line cook at a struggling restaurant. During her trip, Marie's father Dennis comes to stay in her apartment. He was a popular photographer at one time but now finds himself treading water in an ocean of irrelevance. Can Dennis turn his career around? He's not a fan of Leonard and Leona...

March 5, 2023

Film Trailer Drops For UK-Punjabi Rom-Com, LITTLE ENGLISH.

Outline: Taking place in the not so sunny town of Slough, Simmy, a newlywed from Punjab, is faced with unexpected disappointment when her British Asian husband abandons her on their wedding night. Limited by her basic understanding of English, she is unable to leave the house and is surrounded by her eccentric in-laws. However, an unlikely ally emerges in the form of her reckless brother-in-law, Harry, and a clandestine romance begins to develop. Will Simmy find the strength to follow her h...

March 1, 2023

Clare-Louise English's Short Drama INDEFINITELY, To Celebrate US Premiere At Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema.

Outline: What happens when the Disability Allowance you were awarded indefinitely is stopped? A period of form filling and assessment interviews that seems to go on...well...indefinitely. A scathing and painful look at the benefit system for the disabled in the UK and it's horrific consequences.INDEFINITELY  is up for multiple awards including Best Featurette.

February 26, 2023

Richi Booth's British Horror Film OUTLAST, Available Now Worldwide From Venom Media & Renderyard.

Outline: On Halloween night, a team of individuals passionate about the paranormal embark on a mission to explore a haunted castle. Fueled by their desire to gather proof of life after death, they soon discover that the castle is even more brimming with activity than they had anticipated. As the night progresses and the intensity of the supernatural phenomena escalates, the team must employ all their expertise and ingenuity to survive the otherworldly forces and unearth the castle's sinister pas...

February 22, 2023

ELECTRIC MALADY: Conic To Release Marie Lidén's BAFTA Nominated 'Electrosensitivity' Documentary In UK Cinemas.

ELECTRIC MALADY Director, Marie Lidén, was inspired to explore the captivating topic of "Electrosensitivity" by her mother's personal experience with the condition. When her mother was just 8 years old, the family embarked on an extraordinary journey of living with limited electricity for years, relying on oil lamps and candles for lighting and refraining from using any TV or music devices in the house. ELECTRIC MALADY thoughtfully delves into the growing phenomenon of sensitivity to electromag...

February 22, 2023

Lionsgate Drop Trailer For Demonic Horror, THE OFFERING.

Outline: The son of a Chasidic funeral director returns home with his pregnant wife, hoping to reconcile with his orthodox father. However, their intentions are challenged when a mysterious corpse containing an ancient entity with a sinister plan for their unborn child is received at the family morgue. With an amalgamation of authentic Jewish demonology and profound Kabbalistic secrets, THE OFFERING fuses classic horror conventions to offer a spine-chilling, emotionally charged journey that...

February 21, 2023

Gravitas Ventures To Release British Werewolf Horror, WOLF GARDEN, In the US.

Outline: After experiencing intensely violent events, William has retreated to the countryside and gone into hiding. He is finding it difficult to accept the reality of what has happened and is plagued by flashes of the past, present, and fantasies involving his beloved, Chantelle. His grip on sanity is slipping as he feeds an unseen creature that is locked away in a shed in the woods. In addition, he starts to see ghostly apparitions of a Visitor who urges him to eliminate the creature and unco...

February 20, 2023

2023 To See Two New Indie Films From British Director, Howard J Ford.

ESCAPE, the new brutal kidnap thriller from Howard J. Ford, one of the UK's most innovative genre filmmakers, was revealed at the EFM in Berlin by GFM Film Sales, marking the director's 10th feature film. The talented cast includes Sarah Alexandra Marks, Sophie Rankin, Sean Cronin, Angela Dixon, Louis James, and Glenn Salvage.The film was co-produced by Tamara Orlova and executive produced by Amir Moallemi and Fred Hedman, adding their expertise to bring this intense and gripping story to life.H...

February 19, 2023

The Movie Agency Drop Trailer For Rona Walter's Action Horror, TOXICA.

Outline: In a modern city filled with moving shadows and still stuck in the 1990s, an ancient compound from the Indonesian jungle has made its way to the forefront. Augusta, a former stuntwoman who moonlights as a shady private investigator, finds herself embarking on a new case. However, as she delves deeper into the investigation, she becomes infected by a mysterious compound, exposing herself to Lovecraftian terrors and dangerous new threats that lurk in the dark corners of the city. Augusta ...

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