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WE GO AT DAWN Official Trailer Drops Ahead Of 16th March 2020 DVD Release.

Synopsis: Six days before D-DAY, Victor Lawrence, one of the most senior planners of the Normandy landings, is shot down over France. Captured by the Nazis, he is detained in a holding camp under a false identity. The clock is ticking. When the Nazis discover who he really is, they will torture him and learn of the plan for the invasion of Europe. John Seabourne, a British special forces operative, is given the mission to parachute into France, hook up with local French resistance and bust Victo...

March 15, 2020

Verve Pictures drops Trailer For Anthology THE UNCERTAIN KINGDOM.

Climate change, migration, disability, homelessness and sexuality are just some of the subjects explored in The Uncertain Kingdom. The ground-breaking anthology of twenty short films from twenty directors offers a unique portrait of the nation today.   Bringing together artists working across film, TV, theatre, animation, dance and radio, The Uncertain Kingdom directors include IWC Schaffhausen Award winner Hope Dickson Leach (The Levelling), BIFA winner Carol Salter (Almost Heaven), B...

March 15, 2020

Samuel Goldwyn Films Drop Trailer For Sonejuhi Sinha’s Debut Feature STRAY DOLLS.

Synopsis: Riz, a recent immigrant and ex-gang member, works at a motel in hopes of starting her life over in America. At the motel, Riz meets Una (Nixon), the formidable owner, and her drug-selling son Jimmy. Rooming with another motel maid Dallas, who is a bold, assertive runaway, blackmails Riz triggering a series of violent events that entwine Riz, Dallas, and Jimmy. In a last-ditch effort, a desperate Riz and Dallas create a plan to rob Una to escape from the motel and the web of crime ...

March 12, 2020

Lightbulb Film Distribution Drop Trailer & Poster For Steven Oritt's WW2 Drama THE OCCUPATION

Lightbulb Film Distribution have released the official poster and trailer for upcoming war drama, THE OCCUPATION. The award-winning feature, which recently won Grand Prix at the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival, will be released on DVD and across all major On Demand and Download platforms from March 30th. Order here►

March 11, 2020

Trailer Drops For Andy Kelleher's Drama SECOND SPRING.

SECOND SPRING is a moving study of mental illness, Kathy Deane is a passionate archaeologist, who lives with Tim, a successful architect. On the surface life is good until she is diagnosed with a rare brain condition known as Fronto Temporal Degeneration a little known form of dementia. Despite the concerns of her family and friends Kathy leaves the safety of her marriage for Nick, a younger man she barely knows. The early symptoms, which are sometimes hard to diagnose, are behaving in an irrati...

March 10, 2020

Steve Lawson's Indie Horror THE HAUNTING OF ALCATRAZ Released on DVD.

Synopsis: Alcatraz. 1937. A young prison guard working the night shift experiences a string of chilling disturbances culminating in the bizarre death of an inmate at the most famous prison in the world, Purchase THE HAUNTING OF ALCATRAZ on DVD from Amazon....

March 9, 2020

THE LURKER Official Trailer - Released April 14th, 2020 (DVD, Digital).

synopsis: A group of high school students, celebrating their final performance of Romeo and Juliet, begin to slowly disappear one at a time. As students and faculty begin to die at the hands of a savage killer, it’s a race against time for the cast to find the killer and escape with their lives or face their final curtain call. THE LURKER is released on DVD * Digital in the U.S. 14th April 2020.

March 9, 2020

Trailer Drops For Michael Elkin's Heart-Warming Urban Crime Drama BREAK.

BREAK will celebrate its Leicester Square World Premiere on the 22nd April 2020. BREAK Films and Scanner-Rhodes Productions have announced the forthcoming release of their British independent thriller BREAK, starring Sam Gittins, David Yip, BAFTA winner Adam Deacon and the late Hollywood legend Rutger Hauer in his final screen role.  Dean Fisher is producing alongside actress/producer Terri Dwyer and the writer/director is Michael Elkin. BREAK also stars Jamie Foreman an...

March 9, 2020

Jane Foster Reviews Philippa Lowthorpe's 'Funny, Warm & Very Well Put Together' MISBEHAVIOUR.

What is so wonderful about, MISBEHAVIOUR, is not so much the political, social or feminist angles contained within its 106 minutes, (although they are very important) but, the wide portrait shown of what it really was like to be a woman in the late 20th century. Faithful to the events that took place during the 1970 Miss World contest final in London, MISBEHAVIOUR, was around 10 years in development, and the journey was well worth it. This is subtle character layering at its finest, which only h...

March 8, 2020

Ant Timpson Talks About His Directorial Debut COME TO DADDY Starring Elijah Wood.

BritFlicks Podcast host and screenwriter Stuart Wright talks to Kiwi filmmaker Ant Timpson about his directorial debut COME TO DADDY starring Elijah Wood. Logline: A sincere invitation sends 30-something Norval to his estranged father’s remote coastal cabin with hopes of reconciliation. Hope turns to panic, as he uncovers his father’s shady past and is forced to face his inherited demons. ...

March 6, 2020

Deanna Dewey's Family Adventure SKULLZ Available Now On Digital Platforms.

Outline: When school boy, Scott, experiences a weird encounter with a crystal skull at a museum, his life will change forever.  This freaky moment leads him on a string of adventures where even his life will be put at risk.  Will he be able to find the skull and break the curse? Scott is desperate to do the right thing but he is only a boy. “This is a family adventure film.” says director Deanna Dewey.  “I wanted to use local actors and crew and we shot over the summer in th...

March 6, 2020

Jane Foster Looks At Scott Graham's Scottish Road Racing Film RUN.

With the interesting premise of a working- class man using the speed of late night, street drag racing as an escape from his rather grim daytime existence, RUN has some of the hallmarks of the fantastically successful, ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise. However, this is no mega budget, glamorous escape by rogues and road warriors who make their living by speed and crime, but a more serious look at the boredom and frustration which finds an outlet in this dangerous urban sport. By daytime ‘Finni...

March 6, 2020

BritFlicks Goes Behind The Scenes Of Comedy, Horror, PAINTBALL MASSACRE.

Synopsis: When a group of old school friends from Mass Acre Prep School are reunited after 10 years, everything is not quite as it seems. An organised paintball trip ran by three smug marshals, led by Marshal Shelley (Katy Brand) puts them in the middle of nowhere, miles away from civilization. The final game “Capture the fort” does not go according to plan and it is clear to them that there is a cold-blooded masked killer on the loose. With no real plan, they decide to make their way back t...

March 6, 2020

TERROR FILMS Acquire Worldwide Rights To Luke Genton’s Horror Film THE BONE BOX.

The film centers around Tom (Gareth Koorzen), a down-on-his-luck guy living with his Aunt (Maria Olsen). But his real troubles begin when his gambling debts catch up to him and he finds himself on the wrong side of a gun. In order to pay off the debts he enlists the help of Elodie (Michelle Krusiec), an undertaker’s daughter and recent divorcee with her own financial woes. Together they conspire to find freshly buried bodies in order to dig them up and steal whatever valuable possess...

March 4, 2020

Trailer Drops For Shakespeare Sisters' SOUNDTRACK TO SIXTEEN Ahead Of Cinema Run.

The trailer has dropped for Shakespeare Sisters' coming-of age rom-com SOUNDTRACK TO SIXTEEN ahead of a limited UK cinema run. The film will also be released later in 2020 by UK distributor Evolutionary Films. Logline: A  coming  of  age  story  of  a  boy  and  girl  growing  up  in  London  in  the Noughties  dealing  with  the  everyday  insecurities  that  make  your  ...

March 4, 2020

BritFlicks' Top 10 Film Trailers February 2020.

February 2020 saw a total of 444,501 views on the BritFlicks YouTube Channel, with  Mark Jenkin's BAIT once again retaining top spot and passing 200,000 views.If you would like BritFlicks to host your feature film trailer or to be considered for a set visit, send us an email. can help BritFlicks & indie film by subscribing to the Britflicks YouTube Channels, BritFlicks for film trailers and BritFlicksExtra for behind the scenes....

March 2, 2020


It’s always interesting to watch how fads in film come and go, especially when it brings all that was good about the first time something was in fashion, and mixes it with a fresh current take, which somehow makes it ‘right’ on trend once more. This is exactly what THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE, is on many levels. Although billed as a comedy, drama and adventure, veteran auteur film maker Terry Gilliam’s take on Don Quixote, is so much more. As with all Gilliam’s work, the film is als...

February 27, 2020

BERLINALE 2020: Phoenix Picks-Up Louisa Warren's Cannibal Horror CANNIBAL LAKE For Worldwide Sales.

Directed by Louisa Warren (Tooth Fairy 1,2, The Viking War, Pagan Warrior) and written by Charley McDougall, CANNIBAL LAKE is described as a British ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’....

February 26, 2020


Inspired by actual events, director Mark Dossett’s critically acclaimed indie horror film is set to debut on digital platforms this March 2nd, 2020. The film, which first began its festival run in 2014, has been praised by horror critics.Morbidly Beautiful stated, THE TORMENT OF LAURIE ANN CULLOM is an extremely satisfying watch. It’s a well-made horror film with a well-placed nod to Halloween, a villain who resembles Kane Hodder and a great soundtrack and musical score that e...

February 26, 2020

BritFlicks Reviews A WHITE, WHITE DAY: Elegant In Its Simplicity, And Starkly Powerful.

Deeply thoughtful and sincere, Hylner Palmason’s second feature is the sort of film that’s destined to stand the test of time, even if it’s no commercial blockbuster, and was never intended to be one either. Set in rural Iceland, A WHITE, WHITE DAY, is simply a sensitive take on central character, Policeman, Ingimunder’s struggle with grief, betrayal and rage. However, this is a man who, clearly, right from the start, has absolutely no idea how to express anything more intense than light...

February 26, 2020

Craig Fairbrass Talks VILLAIN & 5 Great British Gangster Films On The BritFlicks Podcast.

BritFlicks Podcast host and screenwriter Stuart Wright talks with the big man of British crime films Craig Fairbrass, about his roll in Philip Barantini's VILLAIN.  Here Craig also talks about some on his British gangster film highlights. Outline: VILLAIN follows the harrowing journey of Eddie Franks (Fairbrass). After being released from prison after 10 years, Eddie attempts to help his family by reconnecting with his daughter (Hoyle) and clearing his brother...

February 24, 2020

VILLAIN: CRAIG FAIRBRASS Gets Emotional In A Tale Of Loyalty, Family & Redemption, In A Superior Take On The British Gangster Film.

Craig Fairbrass gets emotional in a tale of loyalty, family and redemption, in a superior take on the British independent gangster film. On his release from prison Eddie Franks returns to home turf determined to leave his criminal past behind him and make good on his responsibilities as a brother and father. Met by his brother Sean (George Russo), Eddie returns to find the pub he and his brother own soon under threat from the drug debt owed to local hardman Roy Garrett (Robert Glenister) by Sean...

February 23, 2020

BritFlicks Exclusive: CRAIG FAIRBRASS Talks About His Latest Crime Movie VILLAIN & Illustrious Acting Career As An On-Screen Hardman.

Synopsis: VILLAIN follows the harrowing journey of Eddie Franks (Craig Fairbrass). After being released from prison after 10 years, Eddie attempts to help his family by reconnecting with his daughter (Izuka Hoyle) and clearing his brother’s (George Russo) debt. Despite his best efforts, he finds himself drawn back into a life of crime, with devastating consequences....

February 23, 2020

Cinematographer STURLA BRANDTH GRØVLEN Talks About The Making Of Jóhann Jóhannsson's LAST AND FIRST MAN

BritFlicks Podcast host and screenwriter Stuart Wright talks with cinematographer STURLA BRANDTH GRØVLEN about the making of and World Premiere of FIRST AND LAST MEN directed by acclaimed (and sadly gone) composer JÓHANN JÓHANNSSON (RIP) at BERLINALE SPECIAL 2020....

February 22, 2020

Blue Finch Film Releasing To Release Comedy Horror RAVERS On Digital 16th March 2020.

A group of clubbers descend on an abandoned warehouse for a night of twisted techno and hedonistic drug-taking, but the illegal rave takes a blood-stained turn for the worse when the whacked-out partygoers discover a case of energy drink ‘Renergize’. ...

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