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Sam Kelly's NZ gang movie SAVAGE will be release 1st January 2021

SAVAGE will be available on Digital Platforms 1st January 2021.

Directed by Sam Kelly

Written by Sam Kelly

Produced by Vicky Pope

Cast: Jake Ryan, John Tui, Chelsie Preston, Seth Flynn, Poroaki Mcdonald. 

Synopsis: Inspired by stories from New Zealand’s boys’ homes and the early history of our gangs, Savage follows Danny across 3 different ages at important junctures that push and pull him towards and away from gang life. Each chapter of Danny’s life is a complete short story set in a defining time for NZ gangs: from the abusive state-run boy’s homes of the sixties; to the emerging urban gang scene in the seventies where disenfranchised teenagers created their own families on the streets; to the eighties when gangs became more structured, criminal, and violent. Together the three chapters combine to create a deeper look at a boy who grows up to become the brutal enforcer of a gang; to understand how he got there. Savage is about Danny’s search for belonging and connection and explores the notion of family. Danny is torn between his real family and his gang family and must choose where he belongs.

MUSCLE Will be released on Digital Platforms 18th January 2021 & on Blu-Ray & DVD 1st February 2021.

MUSCLE Will be released on Digital Platforms 18th January 2021 & on Blu-Ray & DVD 1st February 2021.

Directed by Gerard Johnson 

Written by Gerard Johnson 

Produced by Ed Barratt,Frédéric Fiore, Matthew James Wilkinson & Richard Wylie

Cast: Cavan Clerkin, Craig Fairbrass,

Synopsis: From acclaimed writer-director Gerard Johnson (Hyena, Tony) comes a psychological thriller that’s dripping in sweat, tears and testosterone…

Muscle is the story of Simon (Cavan Clerkin, The Last Kingdom, The Capture) an unhappy, unambitious office worker whose life is gradually taken over by Terry (Craig Fairbrass, Villain, Rise of the Footsoldier) his new, hands-on personal trainer who reveals himself to be more committed, and more dangerous, than Simon could have ever imagined.

Simon isn’t living the life he wants. He’s tired of his dead-end job at a call centre – and he isn’t even any good at it. He and his girlfriend are painfully drifting apart, he’s sick of his life and it’s time to make a change and hit the gym. But everything spins out of control when he draws the attention of Terry, who offers to coach him, and quickly becomes his boss, friend and roommate. Soon, Simon finds himself trapped in a self-destructive spiral with every aspect of his life resting in Terry’s hands, and no way out. 

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 LOOTED is available now on Digital and released on DVD 25th January 2020. Directed by Rene van Pannevis

LOOTED is available now on Digital and released on DVD 25th January 2020.

Directed by Rene van Pannevis

Written by Rene van Pannevis & Kefi Chadwick

Produced by Jennifer Eriksson and Jessie Mangum 

Cast: Charley Palmer Rothwell, Thomas Turgoose, Morgane Polanski, Tom Fisher

Outline: Rob loves driving and stealing cars, living his life at a hundred miles an hour in the cash-starved port town he calls home. He shares a house with his dying father who thinks he's out job hunting. Rob manages to keep his two worlds perfectly separated until best mate Leo gets him involved in a bigger, riskier job which goes terribly wrong. With his relationship with his distant father in shreds and betrayed by his best mate, unexpected hope comes from Leo's girlfriend Kasia. 

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 NEMESIS is currently scheduled to be released 29th March 2021. Directed by James Crow  Written by Adam Stephen Kelly  Produced by Jonathan Sothcott

NEMESIS is scheduled to be released 29th March 2021.

Directed by James Crow

Written by Adam Stephen Kelly

Produced by Jonathan Sothcott

Cast: Billy Murray, Nick Moran, Frank Harper, Julian Glover, Steven Berkoff, Bruce Payne, Lucy Aarden, Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott, Ambra Moore, Danny Bear, Rupert Halliday-Evans and Rebecca Ferdinando

Outline: An underworld kingpin's past catches up with him when he returns to London, igniting an explosive chain of events which ends in revenge and murder.

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Sergio Martino's Ferocious Crime Classic SILENT ACTION Will Premiere Worldwide On Blu-ray, 29th March 2021 by Fractured Visions.

Sergio Martino's Ferocious Crime Classic SILENT ACTION Will Premiere Worldwide On Blu-ray, 29th March 2021 by Fractured Visions.

Strap yourself in for hard-hitting action this March with SILENT ACTION, the explosive and provocative crime saga from Sergio Martino, the legendary Italian filmmaker behind giallo classics Torso, The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh and All the Colours of the Dark.

Outline: When high-ranking military officials turn up dead, all from apparent suicides or suspicious accidents, it’s down to Inspector Giorgio Solmi (Luc Merenda, The Violent Professionals) to find out what’s happened to them. Aided by Captain Mario Sperli (Tomas Milian, Almost Human), the two men soon find themselves in the midst of a deadly political scandal that threatens to bring Rome to its knees.

ORIGINAL GANGSTER is out now in the US, with be released in UK, 5th April 2021.

Directed by Savvas D. Michael

Written by Savvas D. Michael

Produced by John Pavlakos

Cast: Steve Guttenberg, Vas Blackwood, Ian Reddington, Daniel Caltagirone, Adam Deacon, Serhat Metin, Sean Cronin, David Mullenger, Jamie Crew & Badger Skelton.

Outline: ORIGINAL GANGSTER is the stoic chronicles of Castor, orphaned as a child, forced to survive in the wild and his colorful journey through the criminal underworld of London.

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RIGHTEOUS VILLAINS is out now in the US, and will be released on DVD & Digital in the UK 12th April 2021.

Directed by Savvas D. Michael

Written by Savvas D. Michael

Produced by John Pavlakos

Cast: Lois Brabin-Platt, Jamie Crew, Adam Deacon, Gary Dourdan, Steven Berkoff & Steven Brand.

Outline: A modern-day tale of good vs evil, secret societies, sorcery and Satan.

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SECRETS OF THE KRAYS will premiere on BritBox on 13th May, 2021.

SECRETS OF THE KRAYS is an in-depth look at the most famous gangsters in British history; featuring revelatory interviews with those who knew the Krays best, including former gang members, relatives and family friends, as well as celebrity photographer and friend David Bailey, the Krays’ lawyers, and police officers involved in bringing them to justice.

Many have never spoken before – including Micky Fawcett who was a key member of “The Firm” from its early days.

The SECRETS OF THE KRAYS documentary will also unveil never-before-seen artefacts, including Reggie’s personal scrapbook documenting the brothers’ crimes, Reggie’s personal photographs, audio recordings from prison, a poem from Ronnie to Reggie, and two unpublished manuscripts from former gang members – as well MI5 files on the Krays.

SECRETS OF THE KRAYS, Britbox UK’s first original factual commission, is being produced as a three part documentary series by ITN Productions. It is being Executive Produced by Ian Rumsey and Nathaniel Lippiett.

THE BIRTHDAY CAKE will be in UK cinemas & premium digital platforms 16th July by Signature Entertainment.

THE BIRTHDAY CAKE features an enviable all-star ensemble cast, including Ewan McGregor, Val Kilmer and Lorraine Bracco. Synopsis: The Godfather meets Layer Cake, THE BIRTHDAY CAKE is a hard-hitting and gripping mob-drama directed by Jimmy Giannopoulos with a murderous all-star cast including Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting), Val Kilmer (Top Gun), William Fichtner (Prison Break), Luis Guzmán (Traffic), Lorraine Bracco (Goodfellas), Emory Cohen (Brooklyn), Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas), Penn Badgley (You), Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liars) and Shiloh Fernandez (Red Riding Hood), who is also co-writer with Diomedes Raul Bermudez. 

Outline: On one fateful evening, Gio, the son of a murdered mobster and the nephew of Brooklyn mob boss Angelo (Kilmer), carries on the family tradition of bringing a cake his mother baked to his uncle’s house for a celebration. Just two hours into the night, Gio’s life is forever changed as he begins to piece together what really happened to his father and ultimately comes face to face with the type of violence he has managed to avoid his whole life.



RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER: ORIGINS in cinemas September 3rd. Courtesy of Signature Entertainment. Eagerly awaited British gangster film RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER: ORIGINS, starring legendary leading man Vinnie Jones, and directed by Nick Nevern will be showing in UK Cinemas this September. Lock, Stock and Snatch superstar Vinnie Jones teams up with premiere acting veteran Keith Allen (Kingsman, Shallow Grave) for British true crime thriller RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER: ORIGINS, a brutal account of how real-life, hard-as-nails Falklands War veteran Tony Tucker came to be involved in one of the most notorious gangland murders in British history.

Synopsis: When a down-on-his-luck Tony Tucker lands a job as a nightclub doorman after saving the owner’s grandson, he will do whatever it takes to rise to the top of the game. Teaming up with Essex heavyweight Bernard O’Mahoney at the height of the 1980s rave scene, Tucker could do no wrong.

A voracious appetite for money, drugs, and a glamorous lifestyle soon develops, fueling his growingly audacious ventures and seeing him join forces with Pat Tate and Craig Rolfe to capitalise on the drug-boom. Packed with fights, revenges, and explosions, the ultimate origin story brings Rise of the Footsoldier full circle, and tackles many of the franchise’s previously unanswered questions.

RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER: ORIGINS in UK Cinemas from 3rd September, released by Signature Entertainment.

BULL (Signature Entertainment) Artwork
British revenge movie starring Neil Maskell

BULL is in UK Cinemas 5th November from Signature Entertainment.

The trailer's dropped for British revenge movie BULL, starring one of the UK's finest actor Neil Maskell (The Football Factory, Piggy, Hyena, Utopia). Directed by Paul Andrew Williams, BULL also stars David Hayman (A Sense of Freedom, Taboo, Vertical Limit) & Tazmin Outhwaite.

Synopsis: After a 10-year absence, former gang enforcer Bull returns to his old haunts to find his missing son and seek revenge on those who double crossed him and left him for dead. Painful secrets from the past will soon be revealed and like a man possessed, Bull will stop at nothing to get back at those who must atone for their sins.

Watch the BULL trailer below!

BritFlicks Exclusive: interview with Neil Maskell

THE BEZONIANS starring Vinnie Jones to be released 26th November 2021

OutlineIn the Bezonians social club in North London, A group of down and outs scheme, plot and dream of becoming rich and breaking out of the monotony of their dreary and financially impotent lives.

PITBULL – EXODUS will be in UK & EIRE cinemas from 19th November 2021, by Kinostar.

PITBULL – EXODUS will be in UK & EIRE cinemas from 19th November 2021, by Kinostar. PITBULL – EXODUS a Polish crime thriller (in English) is directed by genre veteran Patryk Vega (The Plagues of Beslau, Pitbull [2005] & Small World) and stars Andrzej Grabowski, Przemyslaw Bluszcz & Tomasz Dedek.

The story of Pitbull - Exodus is told across a number of years, a part of the ever waging war between the police and the criminal empires spanning Eastern Europe. We follow one young man's life, his childhood and adolescence and ultimately his descent into the criminal underworld. His path soon crosses with a policeman who will stop at nothing to catch him.

With twists, turns, shocks and spectacular scenes, Vega is back to his favourite genre, giving everyone what they want.

Pitbull - Exodus was shot in Polish (titled Pitbull) as well as in English (titled Exodus) and there will be UK screenings for both Exodus and Pitbull with english subtitles.

PITBALL is a Polish gangster film shot in English
A Polish gangster film shot in both Polish and English versions

BLONDE. PURPLE will be released in UK on Digital from 30th November 2021.

Outline: An out of his depth criminal is stuck in a bank after a heist goes wrong. With only a gun and a 16 year old girl as a hostage, how will he get out? His life prior to this incident forces him to face truths about himself that he has been avoiding all his life.

BLONDE. PURPLE will be released in UK on Digital from 30th November 2021.
BLONDE. PURPLE will be released in UK on Digital from 30th November 2021.

FUGAZI directed by Ben Von Cronos

FUGAZI is scheduled to be released 21st August 2021.

Directed by Ben Von Cronos

Written by Ben Von Cronos

Produced by Nicholas Alexander, Magnus Dugdale, Ben Von Cronos

Cast: Magnus Dugdale, Anna Alfieri, Carl Wright, Julian Gamm

Outline: Violence and mayhem ensue after Tommy steals a car and a suitcase full of drugs belonging to the mob. 

Ross McCall's IRE, starring Craig Fairbrass will be released in 2021

IRE - Release date TBC.

Directed by Ross McCall

Written by Ross McCall

Produced by Stefan D'Bart, Hester Ruoff & Bart Ruspoli

Cast: Craig Fairbrass, Stephen Odubola, Jason Flemyng, Ulrich Thomsen, Ross McCall, Zoë Tapper, Robin Laing, Philip Barantini, Morgan Watkins

Outline: Steve Mackleson is a 50-year-old dangerous prisoner, incarcerated for double murder in a maximum security prison. We follow, as he navigates his struggle against redemption the system and his inner turmoil, when a young black gang member becomes his unlikely new cell mate and a daughter he has never met, finally requests to meet her estranged father. Face to face.

Boy in the Corner film poster 2021

BOY IN THE CORNER - Release date TBC.

Directed by Joshy Lee

written by Joshy Lee & Luciano D'amato

Produced by Luciano D'amato & Joshy Lee

Starring: Cyran Vergara, Victoria Shepherd, Akil Largie, Shaun Pelayo, Ewan Quee-Perry, Luka Arpino Pereira, Gabrielle Pineda, Solly Mcleod, Jon-Paul Gates, Oli Meredith, Shaun Cowlishaw, Hattie Jackson,

Outline: The backward system of society pushes another dream-filled boy to the curb, with his aspiration suppressed, he is at risk of falling into the attractive arms of gang life.

 R E N E G A D E S is scheduled to be released in 2021. Directed by Daniel Zirilli  Written by Tom Joliffe  Produced by Jonathan Sothcott  Starring Lee Majors, Ian Ogilvy, Danny Trejo, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, Michael Pare

R E N E G A D E S is scheduled to be released in 2021.

Directed by Daniel Zirilli

Written by Tom Joliffe

Produced by Jonathan Sothcott

Starring Lee Majors, Ian Ogilvy, Danny Trejo, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, Michael Pare

Outline: When a retired Green Beret soldier is murdered by an Albanian drug gang, four of his veteran comrades set out to avenge him, dispensing their own brand of justice on the streets of London.


ONCE UPON A TIME IN HONG KONG is directed by Jing Wong, Woody Hui, produced by Jing Wong, Connie Wong, Stanley Tong & Stars Louis Koo, Ka Fai, Tony Leung, Francis Ng, Ka Tung Lam.

Synopsis: In the early 70s, when Hong Kong was under British colonial rule, corruption was as rampant as ever. The majority of the Hong Kong Police Force collaborated with the triads. As king of the corruption empire, Chinese detective sergeant Lak Chui (Francis Ng) colluded with Cripple Ho (Leung Ka Fai Tony), lord of the underworld, and made almost ten billion dollars through bribery in ten years' time.

Lawyer Hank Chan (Louis Koo) despised this kind of illegal acceptance of benefits. He believed this would deprive the general public of their opportunity to fight for their own rights if they could not afford black money. His luck came when Hank met Nash Pak (Lam Ka Tung), his old friend who came back from England. Nash admired Hank’s integrity, and hence invited him to join the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), an anti-corruption organization directly accountable to the Governor of Hong Kong.

Hank and Nash selected a team of elites, forming the first team of ICAC investigators, and cracked down hard on the underground laws of Hong Kong. Their first target was Lak Chui and Cripple Ho. After tremendous efforts, initial results were seen. But what followed was a series of counter-attack by Lak Chui and Cripple Ho. The team members of the Commission were being threatened and persecuted. However, Hank's confidence did not falter at these setbacks. He was even more determined to remove these two tigers from the scene. The fight between the righteous and the evil had begun.

once upon a time in Hong Kong - Triad gangster film

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